Learn To Ride (Goofy) On A Snowboard

Learn To Ride (Goofy) On A Snowboard

Seeking the fall line
Seeking the fall line is where we rotate our board, turning it into a downhill motion.
Think of your front leg as a joystick and point it where you want to go. Move it forward
towards the nose and over your toe edge. This twists the board and creates rotation in your
hips. If you do this same movement while standing
on your heel edge it’ll release the edge and your board will rotate downhill. As you reach
the fall line, center up your weight coming to a natural stop.
Seek the fall line again and challenge yourself by adding some movement.
The same joystick technique also works from your toe edge. Move your front leg forward
and downhill. Your edge is released rotating you into the
fall line. Centre up your weight and ride out to a natural stop.
Practice this a few times challenging yourself with different types of movement.
Engaging the edge Engaging the edge is using our edges in the
snow to turn our board while moving. Start by standing stationary on your toe edge.
Jump into the fall line. As your board starts to slow get low and stack
you weight over your heel edge lifting your toes without straightening your legs.
What you should feel is your edge engage in the snow and begin to turn your board.
Do it again with more speed. Sit down to strap in. Point your board down
hill by extending your back leg, this will make it easy to roll over onto your toe edge.
Stand up, move your joystick and seek the fall line, once your moving get low, stack
your weight over the heel edge and lift your toes to engage the turn.
Challenge yourself by doing an ollie before engaging the edge.

2 thoughts on “Learn To Ride (Goofy) On A Snowboard

  1. I really like how that dude over exaggerates the basic movements to get things moving not only in this tutorial but in the others too.  I have found this really helpful because people say "move the knee out…" etc. and tbh that means little until you see people making these basic movements and making them easy to see and understand.  Cheers guys keep it up!

  2. Hi! I like this video, and I have some questions: how tall is the man in yellow pants, what is his stance width and bindings angles? Please, write this three values.

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