Learn Advance Snowboard Dynamic Flex Extend

Learn Advance Snowboard Dynamic Flex Extend

Flex & Extension We’ve talked about flexing and extending our bodies our legs throughout the whole course L1, L2 and L3. L3 Flex & extension is imperative because we do it so much. If I can just have you flex your arm for a bit. See how how long you can do that. And then just relax it. You can see that if I’m flexed the whole time that I’m going to wear my body out and I’m going to start shaking. Then if I use my muscles my actual skeleton. Then I’m actually allowing my body to have some rest So if I can get into some rhythm of flexing and extending. That means I’m flexing I’m flexing my knees, hips Now my body I even get down low in my spine so I can flex and extend through my turns. So by flexing and extending it’s going to allow me to Actually flex and then relax, so I’m not overworking my body So it’s nice to use some flex and then extend and that helps so that you don’t wear out your body we’re flexing and extending through our turns and depending on the type of turn that we’re doing is when we flex. So a more basic skidded turn is we’re up at the beginning of our turn and then we’re flexing down with the end and Then the more dynamic turn is when we’re really Flexed at the at the beginning and we extend through our turn And then come back down to being flexed. So there’s a difference There’s up at the beginning more extended and then Flex at the end That’s more basic, and then if I’m flexed at the beginning and extend through the end. That’s more dynamic So when I’m flexing down that’s a conscious movement. I’m trying to get the board to either slow down or to make a turn or to absorb and then As I extend I’m actually Creating less tension on my body and relaxing my body using more of my skeleton and not so much my muscles. So I flex and I use more of my muscles to make a movement to slow down to just turn to absorb and then I extend. That relaxes the muscles in my body and Gives my body a break This is just one of the many tutorials that we have sign up for the full course at flowingfreeride.com

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  1. Thanks for the comments and views! I will be releasing more snowboard tips on this to help get you better in off piste conditions keep Ripping!!

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