Learn Advance Snowboard Carving: Surfer Turns Grab Carves

Learn Advance Snowboard Carving: Surfer Turns Grab Carves

Surfer Turns and Carve Grab Turns! When we start Carving Our back foot is following the exact path as our front foot! I’ve given some drills like The Circle Drill to help you start carving but now we’re we’re moving on up to Rider L2 and we’re picking up two L3 Ripper, we want to do Carve Turns while we’re grabbing our snowboard. The only couple grabs that you can do the whole time on toe and heelside switching edges without smashing your fingers is either a nose or a tail grab So we can start out by just doing some turns does not necessarily have to be carving yet but trying To make some turns while you’re trying to grab your snowboard. Reach down try to grab your tail try to grab your nose try to grab your toeside edge of your heelside edge. You’ll know that if you’re making turns you can only do your your nose or your tail so after you’re getting a little bit more flexible there, I know that yoga really helps out. If you’re not being able to flex down and grab your snowboard maybe get out and Do some stretching and do some yoga before you’re attempting To do these grabs The big key is being flexible you need to be able to reach down and grab the board Take a run and do some do some turns where you’re grabbing your board That’s the first thing you want to do take a run and try to make turns while you’re grabbing your snowboard your next run you’re still go out and Ripping the Carves just go out Go Carving!! Just Ripping Carving and doing as much Carving as you can!! Take a few runs and then your third run really trying to lock in and grab your edge! I’ve found that most people like to grab their toeside edge as they’re making a heelside turn! It’s a little bit easier because of the flexibility when i’m doing a toeside turn I have to really reach around and grab that heelside edge! It’s a little bit more difficult and it really looks like you’re surfing!!! And down touch the snow after you’ve started doing turns while you’re grabbing your snowboard Start carving and then build into that so the first step is 1: Make turns while grabbing your snowboard and then take a run where you’re just completely Carving!! 2. Start to bring that back in so you’re making Carves while you grab your snowboard if you watch surfing you’ll see surfers they really lock into their wave and they grab their board that really locks in their edge and their scag and they can really ride that wall!! The same thing with snowboarding if we can lock in our while we’re just grabbing and we’re more solid and we can really Rip nice!! We can really edge our Snowboard we can carve a lot deeper into the snow it’s really fun to do it when there’s a lot of corduroy and it’s perfect conditions usually in the morning that’s when you’re getting to get that like nice Stiffer firm snow and then as it heats up in throughout the day it gets a little softer you’ll make even bigger trenches So why do we do these Carve Grab Turns :it makes us really Flexible and that helps us get around the mountain more efficiently now also when you start to get into more Freestyle you’re reaching down and grabbing your snowboard. So if you want to start getting air and getting into the park If you can grab your snowboard while you’re on the snow you don’t have to have that extra? danger of being in the air and not being able to grab your snowboard so it helps progress you into the park. A lot of the times when people are learning to Carve they skid a little bit They skid there’s not a fine line, so grabbing your snowboard really locks you in and holds that edge and you really Carve!! Once you’re locked in you’re holding your edge you’re not going to skid! It helps with your flexibility it helps with your carving and it helps with your Freestyling! So go out there and do some Grab Carves and Surfer Turns!!! This is just one of the many snowboard tutorials that we have! Sign up for whole coursed at Flowingfreeride.com Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FRR! Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FRR! Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FRR! Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FRR!

10 thoughts on “Learn Advance Snowboard Carving: Surfer Turns Grab Carves

  1. Rip Some Surfer Turns & Grab Carves!!! Thanks for watching and the comment bob, David & PCSP! Get your body in the Surfer Turn position and look at yourself in a mirror. Your back knee should be almost touching the ground (and a lot of the times it does) and see if you can get your butt above your head. Look at Body Alignment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lnMUrQUFyY
    Your head is in front of your front leg and if you're properly aligned your board, knees, hips & shoulders are parallel to the slope making your head appear to below your butt; head further down the slope than your butt. Cheers FFR!

  2. able to do ATG squat (ass to grass) and standing and touching the floor with your fist is flexible enough to do this?

  3. Awesome content as always I've been learning a lot from you guys and applying the same skills to my girls and they've progressed really well this season can't wait for them to get better next season. Comment below if you want sub for sub lets help one another Thanks 🙂

  4. If you're not carving yet try the Circle Drill To Start Carving https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yib88ACUne4&t=44s

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