Le Tennis – Cyprien

Le Tennis – Cyprien

This week I’ve been invited to go to the French Open to see a match Frankly, I would have liked to go there if tennis was not the sport I hated the most I don’t hate really tennis, but it’s just that I don’t understand anything about it. Nevertheless, sometimes I force myself to watch it “7-6, 6-7, 4-6, 6-0, fifth set, 5-3, 0-40, three break points, second service” Ace You should have told me I needed a degree in tennis to be able to understand it… And if the rule of the points isn’t complicated enough for you, when you score, you win not 1, but 15 points why 15, I don’t know. you score again, that makes 30. then you only get 10 points absolute mystery. and if your opponent gains equal points, that doesn’t make 40-all but 40A They are like “40… …Aaaah, okay, he equalized.” If you can’t understand this, you’re going to be happy because the guys on the tennis court are also great mysteries of the universe The two guys next to the net for example they’re just there, like that, during the whole game! I don’t know, it’s unsettling to have a guy in a weird position while you’re playing somehow, thank God, it’s only during the match OK I admit that if I don’t like tennis it’s because I don’t like doing sport I think that you had already guessed that. “Hello! hehe” and I like ball sports even less “Right listen guys, be kind, I don’t really like ball sp…” I forbid you to laugh It hurts a lot. “Ahhh I can’t see anymore, I think I am blind guys…” No no! Shush! So I tried tennis because they told me: “Yeah, go on, do some sport, to get muscles… play tennis!” Who wants to do a sport which tones you in only one part of your body? “You were right, tennis is really good…” “I feel a lot better about my body” “I’m completely asymmetric, I look like a Picasso painting!” Right, OK, OK. Truth be told I watch tennis… …female tennis with my eyes closed “Slut!” Share my video on Facebook and like my page…ma page… It would make me very happy Today it’s my birthday please…. Go to Cyprien.fr to see all his other videos Right OK it’s not my birthday today Paper towels, man’s best friend.

100 thoughts on “Le Tennis – Cyprien

  1. Dit toi qu'il y a pire que se prendre une balle de tenis dans la tête

    Se prendre une balle de hand dans la tête 😅😅😅

  2. Moi j'ai ressus une grosse balle dans le ventre puis le l'en demain la même grosse balle dans la tête 😭😭😭😖😖🤬🤬

  3. C'est moi ou ya que des vidéos que j'ai jamais vu en proposition, genre des vidéos qui arrivent comme ça soudainement 😂. Au début moi aussi je comprenais rien au regle du tennis avant , quand je prenais des cours ( j'en prends encore ) , mon pote en match il disait 40A , je disais " Quoi?" "QUARANTE A!!" " QUOII?" "MAIS QUARANTE A BORDEL" . J'avoue que sur l'histoire du bras asymétrique, ça me le fait donc j'ai le seum. Donc go commencer la muscu pour que tout soit clean 😂❤️

  4. Très bonne vidéo :P,
    Moi aussi j'ai fait une vidéo sur le tennis à but humoristique 😛 Je vous invite à aller la voir si cela vous intéresse, à me dire ce que vous en pensez, et à vous abonner si vous souhaitez me soutenir 🙂

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