King Kong (7/10) Movie CLIP – Ice Skating in Central Park (2005) HD

King Kong (7/10) Movie CLIP – Ice Skating in Central Park (2005) HD


100 thoughts on “King Kong (7/10) Movie CLIP – Ice Skating in Central Park (2005) HD

  1. This particular scene was symbolic in the sense that it allowed its audience to view King Kong as a creature who is capable of love, warmth, and gentleness… instead of only being viewed as this aggressive, feared, and isolated animal they were able to capture his versatility with this scene. It truly is one of my favorite scenes in the movie and I love that they were able to display this. Naomi Watts did amazing as well.

  2. Yo siempre suelo ponerme sentimental al ver este video por el amor que tiene Kong y por los recuerdos de la peli.. Cuando un hombre se enamora de verdad..

  3. This scenece is so cute and beatiful but guys you dident know that king kong is acciely a god and hes the god of that girl and hes in love with her

  4. This is incredible! Of how Ann Darrow went from being frightened of King Kong into falling in love with that creature. Not romantically, of course.

  5. Absolutely beautiful scene, brought tears to my eyes….her beauty and her loving eyes soothed the savage beast. Perfect!

  6. In my opinion, Kong and Ann’s reuniting was the film’s best part, particularly this scene and when they climb the Empire State Building before looking at the sunrise.

  7. I love this scene. I don't know why, but it has a bit of a Disney vibe to it. Maybe that's why I really love it. 😊😊

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