It’s Hockey, But Underwater

It’s Hockey, But Underwater

– My mom thought I was
crazy when I told her I was into underwater hockey,
and she continues to think I’m crazy when I show up with black eyes. But she’s also my biggest
fan when I’m at the World Championships. (jazzy music) My name is Tyera Eulberg,
and I’m the Captain of the U.S. Women’s Underwater Hockey Team. So underwater hockey is played six-on-six. We’re not wearing tanks, just
fins and a mask and snorkel. The puck is weighted and sits
on the bottom of the pool, and players use a short
one-handed stick to play the puck. Unlike ice hockey there is no
goalie in underwater hockey, and the snorkel helps you
watch the play while you’re recovering on the surface,
but otherwise you’re holding your breath when you’re
actually involved in the play. (jazzy music) We take underwater hockey very seriously. The U.S. Women’s National
Team compete at the World Championships. They’re held every two
years, and they bring in about 25 different countries
to compete to be the best of the best. It really is the ultimate
team sport because there’s no puck hog that can just do
everything for your team. Eventually that person’s
going to have to come up to breathe, and you have
to have a teammate there to take your place. If I’m about to score, and
I’m running out of air, I’m gonna freakin’ score. We see people coming to
underwater hockey both from swimming backgrounds and
from ice hockey backgrounds. We struggle from the fact
that most people in the United States don’t grow up playing it. People don’t grow up holding
their breath and trying to kick hard underwater. They grow up playing soccer
and playing basketball. There’s no money in underwater
hockey, so we’re absolutely doing it for the love of the sport. I love underwater hockey. It’s so elegant. Being underwater is
just a beautiful thing. I feel like some really
gorgeous sea creature when I’m playing. (jazzy music)

100 thoughts on “It’s Hockey, But Underwater

  1. Is this what white people do after a long day of work at their cubicle? Eat a vegan snack and ride their bike to the nearest water hockey venue?…😂

  2. Oh man i used to play this in high school varsity swim team. We would get some free time after some practice and sometimes we play water polo and sometimes underwater hockey. I never had too much muscle but I did have a rly long breath so I was able to stay underwater for much longer than the other teammates so I just kept on staying underwater while others had to go up for breaths xD

  3. They look like fish a little…I’m saying they look like fish because YOU SEE HOW FAST THEY ARE? THEIR LIKE BIG SCARED FISH!

  4. for all the people that say why isn't this a olympic event… well thats because how will u see the sport without spending $3'00'000'00 on expenses for a see threw pool of glass

  5. What the fuck, who the fuck, what?!?! Is this real life? Is this a troll video? My brain doesn't get it. I'm so confused.

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  7. I would do it it’s just that If I’m trying to get up to get air someone might be on top of me and then I couldn’t be able to get to the top and get air

  8. I would kick ass at this game I love to swim I am hella fast too and I grew up playing soccer and football so I have that competitive and my nose has already been broken so won't have to worry about that LMAO see you in the Olympics

  9. Why do white people have to create stupid fucking shit none else wants to do so they can be the best at it. Fuck off

  10. No money??? Huge risk of drowning. People drown all the time all over the world for no reason. This sport takes a huge amount of skill in swimming and teamwork while putting the players' lives on the line every time they hold their breath.

  11. What if someone took a Weighted Football and had a button on the football so when your about to throw it you click it and the Movable propeller starts to spin on the back of the football like the same propeller they have on a back of a boat but on the football so your able to throw it under water and boom you have “Underwater football the only thing is you will have to play in a really deep deep pool to throw long passes $BILLION DOLLAR IDEA IF SOMEONE CAN MAKE IT 😊

  12. Just sighned up at my school not knowing what this was know i see it and i have no idea how im gonna not float

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