Inside look at Aretha Franklin’s former home along Detroit Golf Club

Inside look at Aretha Franklin’s former home along Detroit Golf Club

it’s a major makeover for one of Aretha Franklin’s former homes that at Wright house is on Hamilton just south of seven-mile it was built back in 1927 and bought by Franklin in 1993 now at once fell into foreclosure because of unpaid taxes but they were eventually paid Jason Cole Thorp has a look at the new owner and the work ahead as well as the treasures that were left behind on a quiet gated road along the northern tip of the Detroit Gulf Club is one of the former homes of Aretha Franklin the queen hadn’t lived there for about ten years before her death and that’s instantly apparent as you walk through the front door the first time I walked in it was pretty homely Tony Callum recently bought the home for about three hundred thousand dollars all of Miss Franklin furniture was around and it was it was pretty it was a little sad you know a lot of a lot of memories of her music growing up as a kid in Detroit and there are still a couple of are–those most personal items left in the house this was her room here a special room here every time I come in in you know and this actually at one point was a bit whoom okay she turned it into this kind of get ready room this home was known as the Rose estate in reference to a rose is still a rosary tha’s album in 1998 and looking around there are signs of it being the Rose estate everywhere you look we’re gonna lay a loop floor through the entire house keep that rose got to figure out how we use that rose but we’re gonna keep that and implement that in the house somehow it’s hard not to imagine Aretha herself walking through the house as you do room by room including a Four Seasons room that overlooks the golf course look at the stonework here look at that look at that this floor overall though the house is now a shell of itself but it has good bones all this trim work is going to be brought back to life all the original wood everything original to the house is going to stay this unique right oh yeah look I got a castle it’s beautiful I realize I’ve got a lot of work to do and I want to make the city proud I would like to make wreaths this family proud of the work that we do here as well oh no this is not a years-long project more like months-long in fact they’d like to be ready by June 24th when the PGA Tour stops at the Detroit Golf Club you want the house ready we want to show the world where the Queen of Soul lived and we want it ready for for that event and who knows maybe one golfer in particular yeah Tiger Woods I need Tiger Woods contact information and invite him to come out here today I texted Tiger and it’s all set up probably don’t work fast if it gets to Tiger quality I know this is it’s gonna be moving fast and by the way that is the goal to have the house to be rented out for that PGA Tour event maybe by some of the golfers that are playing and then sell it right afterward it would be really cool to have that ready by then but then I mean we’re talking a lot of renovation yeah any idea how much they’re thinking like between 300 and 500 thousand dollars more on top of what they already spent and you know the most amazing thing is just how soft the sheets are in the bed still when you get it and you kind of cut along you know the pillows are still very do you have a favorite room the Four Seasons room is very cool it’s all stone out there and it’s very nice yeah I like it thank you Jason

12 thoughts on “Inside look at Aretha Franklin’s former home along Detroit Golf Club

  1. Why on earth would they want to sell it – her son's could do what this devloper is doing – renovate and rent to special clients such as golf pro's etc…why oh why? It is beautiful – it is historic – it could be a money generator! You don't sell something like this!!! This is so special plus – I find the fact it got sold for 300k very suss – c'mon guys!!!!!

  2. yes it sounds like the house has sold for cheap but it needs a lot of renovation… also what people don't understand is no matter where you buy in Detroit it's much muchcheaper then other parts of the country…. real estate value is not good due to the economy and loss of jobs ….no one is really hanging out in Detroit like that.

  3. Highest level of satanism, no body and I mean nobody becomes a legend without pleasing Satan the more you please it the higher the ranks , she was on the highest level along with Jackson, etc

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