Improve Your Shot Power – Hockey Training Drill for a Harder Shot

Improve Your Shot Power – Hockey Training Drill for a Harder Shot

Okay so here we’re going to stick thrust. You just use your weighted stick that you should have made with the two pucks on
each side. And also if you want to add more weight
in this exercise you can take a two and a half pound weight you can slide it
down and it’s going to be stopped here by your two pucks. So you can add a two
and a half pound, you can even add more two and a half pounds as you go. So you
can add another one, you can add another one as you go. But to start of here just for your
demonstration I am just going to use the weighted stick with the two pucks. Also if you are a beginner, you can just
81 park on the side you’re sticking at Now, what you are going to do is that you are going to take a good hockey position here. And we are just going to work again on the these twists but it’s going to
be just a short compact movement. Justin hockey wanna be short working on that motion just for a quick release and
getting that power in that core engaged so here you can have your hands out away
from your body and I are going to just bring it back
with the hips okay and there’s gonna pullout k quick and
bring it back again in her hand or just just slightly moving
just a little bit and that’s really now working on not only engaging our
core in her lower body in our shot but also
just working on those quick and net quick compact release with extra weight you help us translate
that into a game and that park is gonna feel lighter
you’re going to have more power behind your shot here we are just right in here Hans
Backe can sport just quicker rotating at the hips in rotating with the hands so both at
the same time alright now or did you do that same thing on one
leg so here on left leg they were going also
go on the rail Excel okay skip Anette me bent the entire time
keeping your head up keeping your back flat and like I mentioned we can also the
adding we to make this exercise even more
challenging and that’s based on your technique and how easy it is for you using perfect
technique pretty easy I want you to be adding weight and the top of the stack alright but
always be performing this action is it perfect technique

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  1. Thanks bro,,, my uncle from the ohl introduced me to you and I’ve been studying you and listening to your tips and it made me a better player then I was a few months ago

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