How to Take a Divot In Front of the Golf Ball

How to Take a Divot In Front of the Golf Ball

Most all amateur golfers want to learn how
to get their divot to start in front of the golf ball instead of even with, or even back
behind it. The trick with golf is that, unfortunately,
what controls the impact conditions in terms of whether or not the club face is delofted
— which is having more shaft lean, or having the butt of the club ahead of the club head
at impact — and where the club face is pointing at impact for ball flight control, is primarily
determined with the left hand. Now, unfortunately, most golfers are right
handed, so they don’t really use their left hand very well and they haven’t taken the
time to train it., the Rotary Swing Tour fundamentals,
we train each arm independently so that you learn how to control the club face and everything
properly, but a lot of people don’t want to go through that trouble. Unfortunately, it’s just the nature of the
beast. You have to learn how to control the left
hand so that the left hand can be in this nice flat position. You don’t want to see it cupped. This is what most amateurs look like at impact,
with the shaft leaning away from the target at impact. That’s because they’ve taken their right
hand — because most people are right handed and right hand dominant — and flipped the
club head in an effort to try and get club head speed and to square the face. Unfortunately, you’ve got to get your left
hand in that proper position. You’ve got to learn to get the left hand
ahead of the ball at impact. Here’s a simple quick tip to help you learn
that. Take your left hand only, choke up on the
club, set a ball down on the ground, and then without moving your body at all we just want
to learn how to swing this left hand by itself correctly. If I do this — and I can sit here and still
look at the camera and talk to you — you’ll notice that my divot is in the same spot every
time, which is just slightly in front of the ball, and it’s in the same spot. Because of that, what I’m learning to do
is train this left arm and left hand to swing independently of the right hand — because
the right hand wants to get in here and it’s in a very powerful position to flip the club
— and that’s what causes most amateurs to hit it fat. Practice taking left hand only swings, and
you’ll see that where the divot’s going to bottom out — in other words, where the
deepest part of the divot is — is going to be at a point directly underneath my left
shoulder, because that’s when everything’s in a straight line. It’s pivoting from the shoulder socket and
bottoming out way in front of the golf ball. That’s what you want to learn how to do
with your golf swing, and slowly build up to taking longer swings, and practice getting
your divots further and further ahead. Once you learn how to do this correctly, you’ll
be able to hit the shots without hitting it fat. You’ll get your divots to start in front
of the ball, and you’ll be a much, much better ball striker. Now if you want to learn the rest of the keys
to learn how to get your divots in front of the ball, how you need lag and where your
hands need to be at impact, and all of these extra drills that we have on the website,
go to the link in the description. It’ll take you to a quick video, an article
where you can learn how to get more lag in your swing to get more shaft lean, compress
the ball better, and get a much cleaner strike at impact every time.

23 thoughts on “How to Take a Divot In Front of the Golf Ball

  1. Hi. I am left handed but I play right handed. Would this drill be useful for me to improve my impact position.

  2. Absolutely. The mechanics of the swing will be the same regardless of whether you are right or left handed. Good luck!! ~Clay Ballard

  3. I've tried this drill and still make divots all over the place. Mostly way behind. I"m having difficulty releasing the arm wrist and hand naturally. It feels contrived. Ie; trying to have the back of the hand flat at impact.

  4. Good advice from SkepticAll. Make sure your weight is on the center of your left ankle. On a pitch shot you will want to use the bounce of the golf club. So make sure you don't have the club too delofted. You could be doing this when you were trying to keep the left wrist flat. The shaft may bee too far forward. ~Clay Ballard

  5. Good advice from SkepticAll. Make sure your weight is on the center of your left ankle. On a pitch shot you will want to use the bounce of the golf club. So make sure you don't have the club too delofted. You could be doing this when you were trying to keep the left wrist flat. The shaft may bee too far forward. ~Clay Ballard

  6. Unfortunately this is wrong. Your head is the fulcrum, not your left shoulder, because your right hand is also on the club unlike in this drilll.

  7. I understand your point. Chuck was referring to the main fulcrum in regards to the golf swing. Since your weight will be left and you will have forward shaft lean at impact, the left shoulder will be the main fulcrum that determines where you take a divot. The deepest part of your divot should be under the left foot. If you want to get technical, each joint in the body is a type of fulcrum and will all move some in the golf swing. ~Clay Ballard

  8. I didnt find that to be the case. luckily I was able to fix it with my own knowledge. but hey if it works with your swing thats all that matters! maybe I tried the drill wrong.

  9. grips ones ass, after all the time spent trying to connect with the ball, and now it is compressing the ball,…kind of makes sense, specially when watching the fricken pros bang the ball so far…but with compression and the laser aim I want, seems it would be that the ball will not fly the same after compressing on different lays, kind of ground it is sitting on….maybe with the pros the ground is prepared specially for them, but places like here in sun city, and other surrounding courses

  10. seems we would need different advice for covering differing grounds, types of lies for each type of compressing they would need to get where we want…
    so with trying to compress, I have to change up what all I had taught myself to do….is this why I see the pros squatting as they go to hit? seems I have to reach further down to accomplish this. so you know. I went to golf tec for a year, and two years later realized that I was hitting over the top..

  11. so a great golfing person, Dave, on the range at Willow Creek here in Sun City, AZ, took all of 5 minutes to correct that fault, and leaving me thinking that Golftec would have eventually got me there maybe in 5 more years @ $2000. plus a year….(

  12. Noted the bottom of the swing path is directly under the left armpit…. but at the moment of impact, should the grip be under the left armpit…or the clubhead ?? Since the shaft is leaning fwd, I'm not clear on this. Thx. 

  13. Couldn't see anything with the English subtitles on a man speaking English anyway…wtf?? Also if you are going to make a video about divots in front of the golf ball…any subtitles should not be directly covering the area you are trying to show an example of…kind of absurd.

    BTW, this "forward shaft lean at impact" with the weight on the left side and hands in a forward press position is the essence of the STACK AND TILT golf swing impact position (they call it flying V)…and you can look up here on youtube, just type  "stack and tilt 17 shots" and you will see a clip of the S&T DVD where a white line is sprayed on the turf with a golf ball on the line and 17 consecutive shots are made with with crisp contact with the divot in front of the line on all 17 iron shots…and when asked if he would spend hours hitting balls how many divots would be behind the line, his response is "zero". Whether staying just "stacked" without tilting or using the full S&T method, you are going to hit the ball before the turf. I don't think this is a secret.

  14. It seems to me that taking a divot in front of the golf ball involves much more than just the left hand as the video would have you believe. This information about the left hand is helpful but only to a point. What is equally if not more important is shifting the lower body laterally during the transition (shifts the bottom of swing arc to a point in front of the ball) and rotating the upper body so that at impact the right elbow and right thigh are over the down line (bottom of swing arc) in front of the ball causing a divot in front of the ball. This all happens together (concurrently) to get or make solid contact with the divot in front of the ball.

  15. All well and good taking swings and divots with the left hand only. But we can't golf 18 holes using only our left hand. So, how about a few tips on how NOT to screw up when we place BOTH hands on the club!

  16. Was out at the range today and this tip completely changed my swing. Instant consistency and absolute striped shots. Thanks

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