How to Swing Each Golf Club : Driver Golf Swing

How to Swing Each Golf Club : Driver Golf Swing

Okay, the driver; it’s the club that causes
a lot of people a lot of troubles. It’s the most powerful club in your bag. So I think
the problem that most players have trying to hit the driver straight is they think,
I’m going to kill the ball, so instead of saying, hey I need to hit it 250, or 230,
or 280, they try to kill it, and when you try to kill it your muscles tense, you’re
going to slice it, or hook it, or top it, or duff it. So, what you want to do is say
hey, this club is the most powerful club, swing easier, so you you can take advantage
of the of the length and the loft of the club. So I’ve got the old driver and the new driver
out here, but you can see the driver doesn’t have much loft on it. It’s pretty flat, so
this ball’s going to be relatively low. So this is an old wood driver, ok, and then here
is an old metal driver, and then here is the new driver. So you can see the clubs have
gotten a lot longer. So the new driver is real long compared to the old drivers, and
it’s made of titanium, and a bunch of other wonder materials, and then the shaft is carbon
versus metal. So you want to stand much further away from this ball, because the club is so
long. You want to line up with your target. Draw the line back, get the club face perpendicular,
and get the ball somewhat on your left in-stepped, and you want to just be nice and relaxed.
And that one’s a little bit on the right side of the fairway, but it’s not bad. So, if you
do all that, you’ll have a good drive, and you’ll be in good position to use the rest
of the clubs.

23 thoughts on “How to Swing Each Golf Club : Driver Golf Swing

  1. His swing is ugly but I'm sure he would scorch most of you clowns. He understands swing mechanics and has good hands and pretty good upper body. That squat is crazy but I don't think it has a terribly adverse affect on his ball striking.

  2. poor comment…very poor…bad..stupid….what an idiot…poor
    This guy is just trying to teach you how to swing it, something you need help for.

  3. If you had never heard of Jim Furyk or Lee Trevino and just saw their swing on youtube, you guys would all be blasting them as well. My point is that every swing doesn't need to look like Ernie Els'. This guy gets his hands into good position on the way back and at impact. His wild leg movements make this swing scary but that doesn't mean he's a hack. You don't have to have a great swing to be a teacher. You just have to understand the swing. I've taken lessons from worse players than me.

  4. His stance is so narrow and he's hitting down on the ball… A true expert wouldn't even have to think about correcting those when driving a ball. "Expert" village my ass.

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