How to Swing Each Golf Club : 7-Iron Golf Swing

How to Swing Each Golf Club : 7-Iron Golf Swing

OK, now we’re going to be using the seven
iron, which is, this one is thirty six degree loft, which means you can see that it’s angles
pretty substantially still. So this club as we go down, the clubs are going to be hitting
the ball further and further. So, a seven iron is going to hit the ball further than
an eight iron, further than a nine iron. So this club, for most good recreational players
they’re hitting it from a hundred and forty to about one hundred and seventy. And the
big variation is some players are stronger, some are taller, some have better swings,
and so on and so forth. But this club is very useful once again, so if you’re not a four
hundred yard power for and you’ve hit a two hundred fifty yard drive, you’ve got a seven
iron for most players into the green. So this shot is the shot that really can make or break
the hole. So if this shot is accurate, you have a good chance of making a putt in one
or two putts. And getting a power, maybe a birdie, or at worst a bogey. So, what you
want to do is you have your target out there, and you draw a line from the target, and you
put the club face perpendicular to that line to the target. Now that’s assuming that we
don’t have much wind or anything. So, on a nice day like we have here today, so you just
line up so the club faces perpendicular to the line of flight and just relax. And I think
that could be a birdie.

41 thoughts on “How to Swing Each Golf Club : 7-Iron Golf Swing

  1. That was a really bad shot, and you really just explained what the club was for and not really how to hit it.

  2. That really look's like one of the the 70 year old dudes that always hang out in my golf club. He looked like a newbie trying to hit a long dirve..

  3. how do you know that might be a birdie. You looked at the ball for 1 second and back at the camera you had no idea where it landed.

  4. does any golfer out there not know everything that he just said? why does expert? village even wasted everyones time by posting useless videos? oh there's a gem to the right there "how to swing a golf club" now that should be a great one.

  5. hey im not saying his swing is perfect but he probaly hits the ball better than half of you. And he definitely hits the ball better than charles barkely lol

  6. @nibb1er1 In his defense, this video has to be geared for all audiences. That includes beginners that don't know much about the game.

  7. and I think that could be a birdie……yeah, if you hole out from the bunker, cause you shanked that shit!!

  8. the entire population of expert villiage is idiots, theyre all idiots missing from other villages now united together in one big cluster fuck. doofus tube

  9. Hands down one of the worst golf video's on how to teach you to hit a 7 iron. Said nothing about stance and where to play the ball from. It actually looked like you were hitting a 9 iron with the stance you had.

  10. oh yeah, damn that was so helpful. I forgot about the telling you absolutely nothing about how to do anything at all.

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