How to Swing Each Golf Club : 3-Wood Golf Swing

How to Swing Each Golf Club : 3-Wood Golf Swing

We’re using a three-wood; you can see, it’s
got about a fifteen degrees of loft on it. At the pro level the ball can be hit at 250
or 270. It can hit pretty far. Although, for the recreational player, the good local player
and for the up and coming player; your goal should be to hit this club at about 210 to
230. You can tee off with this, if it’s a narrow fairway, if it’s a long par three or
if you feel more comfortable getting a good tee shot with the three wood; you would use
this club. I brought out our sand wedge here and the four iron. You can see how much longer
the clubs are getting. The three wood is a very long club. You need to stand away from
the ball, more considerably and you need to be reasonably tall. If your legs are too far
apart; you won’t get a good swing and if you’re too close to the ball; you won’t get a good
swing. You’ll want to get comfortably away from the ball. Once again, you want to draw
a line from the target to the ball. Line up, placing your feet parallel to your line of
the target, then relax and let the club do the work. That was a pretty good shot down
the pipe. That’s what you want to do with the three wood, just take a nice and easy,
relaxed swing. The club will do the work.

20 thoughts on “How to Swing Each Golf Club : 3-Wood Golf Swing

  1. I knew I won't believe what he was saying when I saw his long white socks. Mid and High handicappers hit 3 wood Max 200 yards

  2. yeah, such a god awful swing. and by pipe, im sure he meant anywhere that way. he pretty much gave the advice that you should use for EVERY CLUB.

  3. just swing comfortably!? what kind tip is that?
    BTW. I am a beginner, does 210 to 230 yards include ground rolling distance?

  4. why does this guy tell people they can hit goals 210 to 230, everyone is diffrent. man is a idiot, his swing is terrible

  5. this guy wins the award for the most negative comments compiled by a guy who is trying to help or more likely, stroking his own ego. There are so many things wrong with his swing I won't even get started. I feel sorry for him really…some people are so fucking dellusional

  6. These videos look like the dude woke up and said "hey! I'm going to make a series of videos and I'm going to see how many peoples golf swings I can screw up!"

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