– Welcome back to Naples, Florida. Adam Bazalgette here, two-time PGA teacher of the
year award winner down here. Today’s subject, how to putt straight. (upbeat music) So how to putt straight? Well, I’m gonna show you a
little bit about technique that I think would help you with that, but I’m also gonna show you what I think is one of the leading problems
people have in putting and that really affects it. So we’ll get into that. If you like the video, please
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to learn how we can do a one-on-one internet golf lessons, so let’s get started. So the first thing let’s just say, is that in reality, all
putts are straight putts. At least from the perspective
of the person hitting it. This putt breaks a
little bit approximately towards where I’ve put that
white tee in there for me, I’m tryna hit a straight
putt towards that tee and of course it’s simply gravity that will cause the ball to break, so let’s have a look. And then you can see the ball
if I hadn’t left it short, was tapering back to the hole so straight putts are every putt. Now let me just say one thing here, ’cause this is critical
as we touch on technique, your posture, probably more than anything, will affect how easily you
can get the putt on line, or at least I’d say it’s a major effect. And what I mean by that
is the taller you stand, the more rounded your pivot becomes and unless you’re manipulating
the club with your hands, your stroke starts to get a lot rounder. You could certainly hit a straight putt if you time it right for the
precise part of that stroke, but it’s more difficult
so great players bend over a lot more when they putt which
gives them more of this look and it really helps get the
putter on a more true line or at least closer to one
relative to the target line. Lemme show you a great player
and show you the difference between regular posture
and putting posture. So I couldn’t resist, I
want to use Jack Nicklaus, one of my favorite all-time players. These are two famous shots. On the left is the putt
he beat Doug Sanders with in the 1970 British Open play-off and of course on the right’s
the famed 1986 Masters and that’s the tee shot. But just look at the
difference in the overall bend of his back and his posture and there’s a dramatic difference and you wanna see some of that when you relate your putting posture to what might be normal
posture in other shots. So as you look at the putting
posture what’s gonna enable you to bend over the
ball a little bit more is you’ve gotta let your
arms fold a little bit. If you stick your arms and
you can do this at home straight out in front of you there and then let your arms crimp and fold, relax your shoulders as you do that, until your triceps kind of touch
the inside of your ribcage, that’s how much your
arms should be folded. Club’s in a nice, straight
line with my forearms and once I’ve created this crimp here, it allows me to bend over a lot more. Another factor that’s critical of course is the length of the putter. I see a lot of lady
golfers, junior golfers, little bit shorter in stature, putting with putters that are
sort of men’s standard length which by the way fits
about a six-foot-two guy as an average. I’ve got a whole course on putting back at Scratch Golf Academy and we touch on approximate lengths of putters for height of people, it might be kind of helpful for you. But if you have a putter
that’s the wrong length for you it’s gonna effect your posture. But let’s say this, if you can connect your arms, get a little crimp in your arms, relax your shoulders and if
your putter is appropriately fit you’ll have approximately the sort of bend that you see the best players have and it’s gonna help the
path of your stroke. Now let’s have a look at
that most common fault that I see and check that out. So I’ll go ahead and
say it and that’s this, I hope it doesn’t sound
like blasphemy to you, I’m not a big believer in head down, I don’t like to see people putt and just keep their
head there indefinitely. The reasons for that, hey when you watch the ball roll, you learn a lot about
pace, distance control, you have to watch a lot
of balls roll over time to get good at that. And you learn about your
own stroke a little bit and your brain can make minute
subconscious adjustments when you get feedback now. Certainly let’s say if
you’re three feet away, hey the balls just gotten started I think then you should
listen to it go in, you shouldn’t have looked up by then. But again if you watch the ball roll, not only can you learn a lot but if the ball rolls by
the hole four or five feet you’ll have watched the break, you’ll have previewed
the break a little bit for the comeback putt. So it’s not so much looking
up that’s the problem, it’s the way people do it. And what they generally do is they move their entire body and look at the hole like that which dramatically and
very negatively affects the direction of stroke. So my old buddy and compatriot
at Leadbetter Scott Holden, great teacher, used to tell students, hit, hold, look, and what
he meant by that was, strike the ball, as soon
as the putter has stopped that’s hold then look. So it was, hit, hold, look. And it’s the way your head
moves, it swivels that’s key. Let’s change angles. So the problem is that when
people do look at the hole, they look at it as you
would look at things in everyday life or close to it,
level shoulders, level eyes. And when you go through and
you look at a putt like that, what’s gonna happen is the
club’s gonna wheel around you this way it’s gonna completely
change the arch of the stroke but we just get used to doing it. So, if you’re gonna look at the ball as I’ve suggested you do
on slightly longer than, let’s say, three, four, five foot putts, once you’ve hit and hold and you look, you should just swivel your head and the key is you’ll
be looking at the hole with a tilted eye angle, something that more matches your body tilt and if you can do that, hey you’re gonna stay in
a good steady position with your spine and you’re
not gonna add this in so remember hit some putts
without a hole initially and train yourself that
when you swivel your head you’ll be looking at it like this. You’ll get used it in no
time flat I promise you. Little awkward at the beginning, but in no time flat that
will seem natural to you. Well I hope that helps you
with how to putt straight, if you liked this video please
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  1. like your approach to getting your message across. Always take something out of your videos. Thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work.

  2. Always clear, concise, and helpful… continuing to learn after 50 years of golf. For the love of the game! Thanks Adam, well done Sir!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I often stand taller and do not do so well. However I did exactly as described, being tall at 6'4, this method has significantly improved my putting distance to be much closer at accurately reaching the hole ten fold time and time again. Thank you…

  4. Great video with some solid ideas. Thanks! I am curious though … you didn't talk much about address position and, more specifically, the advice that one's eyes at address should be over the ball (such that if you dropped a ball from the bridge of your nose, it would drop on the ball that you're addressing.

    I've putted this way for more than 40 years. Recently, a golfing buddy advised me that you should stand in a position such that your eyes agree with the line that you've taken from behind the ball. I've always struggled with pulling my puts and I'm wondering if that's because when I align myself parallel with the line taken from behind the ball, it always looks slightly right of the hole. Now I'm wondering if it would be better to take an address position where the "correct" line looks correct to me at address (which means my eyes would not necessarily be directly over the ball). Does this make any sense?

  5. Hello Adam, would you suggest more details on 1/ shoulder movement (up down in a line parallel with the target line or in a circle), 2/ max safe distance putten should go back for long putting distance, say 20-30-40 yards and your formula 1:1 or 1:2, given flat good green and speed constant, and 3/ eye movement for controlling a straight back and forward swing path . Thnks in advance.

  6. Okay, I like the crimp, and I like the head swivel. I am a high scorer because of my putting. I usually have 3 to 4 putts on each hole. When I practice putting, I don't get better. I get on the green ready to putt for birdies and end up with 6 or 7. I'm 5'6" 160# 76yrs and hit my 7 iron 145, 4- 180, 5 wood 230, driver 250+….been playing golf since 1952. I've never been a good putter. My goal is to shoot my age, but will I be able to shoot 100, when I'm 100?

  7. I'm 6' 5" and wanna improve on my putting. I was fitted for a 36" putter. Is that the correct length? Already scratch golfer but wanted be better. I tend to hit the ball with my right hand and creates inconsistencies. Any drills I can work on? Btw I putt cross handed

  8. Thanks for all the great content Adam. Your videos are pleasant to listen to, to the point and very informative. Best on YouTube I've found.

  9. Mr. Bazalgette, I've recently taken up Golf. I was a professional surfer for 3 years and a professional Muay Thai fighter on and off for over 10. Golf is by far the most challenging. Thankfully I've come across your youtube channel and it's furthered my interest in golf and I have been using many of your tutorials on the course. I will let you know when I finally get a handicap and my progress. Thank you so much for all your content. Hope all is going well with your business.
    Simon de Maria

  10. You are correct. All putts are straight puts. But you started you putt in this video off about 5 inches above the tee you were aiming at. So I would like to ask a few questions. What is the speed of the green you are putting on? What is the slope of the putt ( this is from Highpoint to lowpoint in ratio of the hole) and what is the angle you were putting from in ratio to the highpoint and low point of the slope? if you can answer theses questions. I can tell you the exact amount of break per inches. If you can't then please don't try to teach golf and take good folks money online.

  11. I got a real kick out of watching this putting video, Adam.
    At certain angles and with the sun's position you had a very distinct, well tanned, Cary Grant look about you.

  12. What I have noticed Adam, as I have watched a great number of videos in the last 3 to 4 years when I got back to golf after a 10 year hiatus, is there are a few instructors that have the knack of seemingly speaking directly to
    the viewers game and it is clear you are the best at doing it.
    When I stopped playing at age 65
    I was a not to shabby 9 Hdcp, and at age 77 I can still swing it and score in the mid to upper 70s.
    Granted, my group plays the
    OLD MAN TEES, but hell, we ALL earned it.

  13. Thanks Adam….you are very welcome on that comment.
    Good on ya, son!!…keep doing
    the great videos…..Greetings
    from the Great State of
    Wisconsin….Steve Stricker's home town is just up the Interstate from me in Janesville….My home town, Andy North's home town and
    Steve's Home Base, Madison, is just a little up that same road.

  14. What about those of us with back hip Problems? I was hunched over my putts like he shows here, but it was just killing my lower back hip. So I went and purchased the longest legal putter I cud get. Must be at least 42 inches. Much less pressure on my back putting. Cuzco of the pain being hunched over I cud never totally concentrate on the putt. My mind was on the pain in my back. So being hunched over putting does not work for everyone.

  15. @ 1:10 your putt didnot start directly toward your pin,if i had a straight edge,you would why say aim for that pin you set up, not understanding your teachings,looks like your pin should have been 3 feet closer, that way the DIRECT shot as you speak of would have hit that mark (line of sight)…then continue to hook is same great fashion ! not getting it watched 100 times lol

  16. Looking at old film of Nicklaus, he is not only bent over, his head is already rotated to the left looking down his line. Like he is behind the ball with his eyes. Am I wrong? Why don’t the pros do that today?

  17. Mr. Bazelgette, my daughter is 5'2 using a 36 inch putter. Seems as though i've thought she stands too upright… What would you recommend for a girl that size? Thank you

  18. Very helpful about using only head to swivel as you look at ball/hole. You explain things very clearly! Thanks

  19. Great video, great tuition. And the part about having a putter that's the correct length for you, is so important.

  20. How to hit a straight putt yes but that is not on greens in west yorkshire , OURS ARE NOT FLAT MY MOTHER COULD PUTT ON FLAT GREENS .

  21. Enjoyed the putting video – I lose a lot of strokes on the green – but one thing drives me bonkers. There is NO such competition as the British Open in golf. It is The Open.

  22. Many times the putt is straight. You usually got to putt a little to the left when going downhill.
    Yall check this ebook out: @t

  23. This made an immediate difference in my putting – just started playing, I stood quite tall, and most of my shots were curling wide, were overpowered or just were flat inaccurate. I got lower with a slight crimp and kept a straight back, stopped using my hips as much. The ball was hitting near the mark much more consistently. If not sinking the put, then getting much closer and with much less work to do on the second attempt.

  24. Putting is where it's at. I am a honorable putter it is killing my game. I love the tip you gave about tilting. Jack Nicolas in my view is one of the best putters in golf , to this day. Got to picture him. Thanks so much for the tip. Leaving for golf shortly. Phil , Palm Bay FL

  25. I am just getting back into golf after a long hiatus. All of my clubs are still in good condition, but my putter is a bit outdated. How important is updating my putter versus simply getting used to it again?

  26. Great video..would like to learn the proper length for the putter..I would think I am 35 inch..6 foot tall.?please help

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