How to properly gap your golf equipment

How to properly gap your golf equipment

(Jon Levy) We’re talking about something that may
make a lot of you uncomfortable and that’s those in-between shots. You know
the shots I’m talking about where you’re not quite sure, do you take more club and
swing smoothly or less club and really get after it.
Either way, can it wreak havoc on your game and your confidence, it could be due to
your equipment and that’s gapping, so Mike, what is gapping?
(Mike Helfrich) So first of all, this game is all about confidence and lack of confidence or indecision
will lead to poor shots and poor results. So gapping is a process where you find
exactly the carry distance for each of your golf clubs and make sure that
they’re appropriately spaced. (Levy) That could explain why those long par fours, I’m
never really hitting the green. Where would I start? (Helfrich) Well, you need to start by
seeing a fitter. A fitter can go through a process where you’re looking at the
carry distances in all of your golf clubs. We’re typically looking for about
twelve to fifteen yards between clubs. (Levy) Okay, twelve to fifteen yards. We have a
golfer’s bag just came in for a fitting, they’re not exactly gapped correctly.
(Helfrich) Yeah, what we found on this set was was towards the higher end, his 5-iron is
carrying a hundred and eighty yards, his four iron was carrying about a hundred
and eighty-five yards and then his first hybrid was at about 210. So by removing
the four iron and putting in a more lofted hybrid we can get something in
that carry area of right around 195 making for nice even gapping throughout
the set. (Levy) And that makes a lot of sense because it really could make a huge
difference to your scores out there. (Hlefrich) Yeah, at the end of the day this game is all
about confidence so make sure that you see an expert fitter at GOLFTEC, they
can help you with all your equipment needs.

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  1. I’m a high handicapper, so take this for what it’s worth. I carry a 22* hybrid, and a 21* iron, they go basically the same distance, but they take different routes, I can hit the hybrid up and over stuff. I use the iron to stay out of the wind, and fly underneath tree branches. Better golfers can probably accomplish both of those tasks with 1 club, but I can’t make use of 4 wedges either.

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