How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Score on a Breakaway in Ice Hockey

How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Score on a Breakaway in Ice Hockey

Hey, I’m Tim McKeig of the UNCW Seahawks,
and I’m going to show you today how to score on a breakaway. Now a breakaway is when you’re
one on one with the goaltender, no defense men, you and the goalie. Now your objective
is to ultimately score on the goalie. Scoring can be done in many different ways, you can
deke or shoot. Some of the things you may want to remember while doing these moves,
would be to keep speed going towards the net. You don’t want to slow down and give the goalie
an opportunity to setup, and know what you’re going to do, you want to keep him on his toes,
guessing. You don’t know if you’re going to deke or shoot. Some specific examples of how
to score on a breakaway, could be a backhand deke, forehand deke, or a shot. First I’ll
explain to you the backhand deke. This move can be used during a breakaway, when you think
the goalie may be a little bit out of his net, giving you more angle to deke, and maybe
go around him. Some strategies you may want to use when coming in is, make sure you stay
full speed at the goalie, you don’t want to slow down. And sometimes even approaching
the goalie at an angle will help. Now like I said, this is the backhand deke. So eventually
you’re going to want to end up on your backhand for a backhand shot. Some ways to do this
would be to deke, which is just like a juke, right to your forehand, back to your backhand,
for a backhand shot. This would be considered a backhand deke. Now another thing you may
want to do, is a forehand deke, effective just like the backhand deke, except you’re
going to be taking the shot off of your forehand, which is mostly favored by most players, for
better accuracy and power. Some strategies when doing this, would also be to deke to
your backhand, bring it to your forehand for your shot. When approaching the goalie, once
again, make sure you keep your speed up, your head up, and you don’t want to telegraph too
much what you’re going to be doing, keep the goalie guessing. Now, another approach besides
the deke, would be, just to shoot on the goalie. When coming in to shoot, usually you would
use this strategy when the goal keeper is further back in his net, giving you more space
to shoot at. When coming down, remember, once again, keep your speed, and sometime approaching
at an angle does help. When coming in for a shot, you don’t want to give the goalie
too much indication of what you will be doing, try to keep him guessing once again. Usually
a forehand shot would be most effective, and usually a wrist shot or a snap shot would
be used rather than a slap shot in this breakaway situation. And those would be some ways to
score on a breakaway in ice hockey.

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  1. I had to stop this video due to the stupidity of this kid someone please help him out by stopping him from ever doing anything like this again

  2. Good tips, bad goalie.. but this is a lot better than the fat guy teaching how to miss the net. At least this guy has played hockey so he knows what he's talking about.

  3. Cut this guy a break, in 2-1/2 minutes he gives you some examples on what to do if you are on a breakway, that gives you a good chance at scoring. You guys act like he's Wayne Gretzky, Ryan Shannon, Donald Brashear or Sidney Crosby.

  4. nathalood…goalie was def. trying his head movement says it all. but your not a goalie so i would expect you to understand

  5. LOL!

    Wayne Gretzky, Ryan Shannon, Donald Brashear, or Sidney Crosby? At least use players that are comparable to each other if you're going to say people are acting like this guy is comparable to a list of players. Shannon and Brashear should never even be mentioned in the same sentence as Gretzky and Crosby.

  6. People this video is about how to make a goal in breakaway NOT how the goalie performes he was just showing an example how would it look if you would score like that

  7. three goals one game for the one player.

    multi goal game- two goals in one game

    multi point game- a goal and some assists in one game

  8. Ok another question,

    I just started playing in a league again for the first time in years! So what is this rule- I was playing right Defense & I got the puck, so I took it across the redline to the offensive zone. & tryed to score, the Ref blew the whistle, some how I did something wrong. People on my team said something like "we have to clear out before you can do that" I forgot to ask them what that was all about, doy ou know?

  9. "Offsides"… i'm assuming you meant blueline. I'm assuming your team had the puck in the offensive zone, and it somehow went out of the zone where you picked it up and brought it back in. You have to wait for your teammates to get out of the zone before you are allowed to bring it back in again.

  10. I know you are telling me the answer I need, that is exactly what they said. But i still don't get it, can you please explain as clear & possible, maybe give me an example?

    thanks bro! got another game this friday.

  11. Hard to explain.
    The puck has to be carried (or dumped) into the offensive zone before any other players on your team can enter the zone.

    If the puck for any reason exits the offensive zone, it can't be carried back in until all your teammates have cleared out of the zone. Otherwise it would be as if they had entered before the puck.

    If they are in the offensive zone and the puck is not in there it is known as a "delayed offside".

  12. watch?v=WsN7Eum7OvU

    I would check out this video its hard to explain without seeing. It explains offsides fairly well

  13. THank you very much,

    So if i'm playing defense, and my team carries the puck across the line, into the other teams zone. And some one from that team steals the puck & comes back, crosses the red line, enters my zone. And I steal it from him. I can't pass it to my team mates if they are on the other side of that line? I have to wait for 1 or all to come back before I can cross the line my self w/the puck? Does my entire team have to come back before the puck can cross the line?

  14. It really has nothing to do with the red line. Its the blue line you are worried about. So if someone from the other team steals the puck and comes back and crosses the blue line INTO the NEUTRAL ZONE, then you take it back quick. If your teammates are still in the other teams zone/offensive zone then you have to wait for all of them to clear out of the zone. The whole team has to come back before you can cross the line with the puck.

    Its sort of like tagging back up in baseball.

  15. what is the nutural zone? & which blue line were you talking about? the far one or the close one? (if i'm playing defense.) thanks!

  16. The neutral zone is the area between the two bluelines. The blue line i'm talking about is the one closest to the opposing goaltender.

    When you go over the blue line close to the other teams goalie you are in the offensive zone. If for some reason it comes out and you have control you have to wait for your teammates to get out of the zone before you can carry it in.

  17. u dont alwayse want to go fast. when rutu was on the Pwns, he would go very slow, and deke the goalies out of position. it was wierd.

  18. Yeah it was likely that your team was offside. meaning that in order to go into the opposing zone your whole team needs to have been out of the offensive "opponents" team. You dont have to worry about offsides in your defensive zone though only the offensive zone.

  19. thanks bro, i've learned the off sides rules since that post. But I actually do need to worry/know about it cause when I didn't know, it put our team in the dis advantage. A few times, I passed the puck into the offensive zone while we had a guy still there. & Also, I carried it before. & I've also "iced it" a lot! now I know those rules, we don't have so many face offs in our zone. thanks tho!

  20. oh woops sorry wrong person. theres this one guy and he keeps sending me these like threatening messages so im pissed off at him. sorry man.

  21. good video… i only have one problem with it. if you can deke like him, or really at all, you probably already know everything hes saying

  22. dear who ever made this,

    this could help begineers and 5 to 6 year olds,but u play college hockey its useless to u and anyone else who is not 5 or 6 or a begineer

  23. @svensk1krona there is no such thing as the right skating technique. Taking shorters steps might enable you to make quicker turns and transition… and if the opponents there where you play adjust their speed according to the rapidness of your steps, you probably don't play in a league where you should use your own abilities as an example. But yeah of course taking long strong pushes is the technique that gives you the most speed. But that mostly applies to center ice skating where you have room

  24. If anyone watched this video, ignore the part where he said come in at an angle. I play goalie and it's easier to make saves coming from an angle

  25. If you seriously have to watch this video to learn how to score on a breakaway then dont worry you probably will never get on a breakaway anyway.

  26. I had a breakaway had a chance to tie and go to ot did this move undressed the goalie the puck roled of my fucking back hand and into the boards

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