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  1. Thanks for this, im new to this sport, my country (portugal) doesnt play this, but we are pretty good in Roller hockey tough. I watched the olimpics and i loved this game, im watching now some NHL games and stuff, so im just a beginner, i dont have yet a favorite team, but i find a soft space for canadian teams because i have Canadian family. Thanks for this, this really helped, this is very usefull for beginner like me. This video needs more views. 

  2. I'm a 15 year old Canadian and everyone I know is bewildered by my ignorance of hockey… but I've taken an interest so thanks for the video

  3. The nba playoffs bored me this year so I decided next year I'll get into hockey and root for my local nhl team (Red Wings). I didn't know much about hockey so I decided to look up this video. Pretty helpful. thanks and I'll definitely watch the next one.

  4. I have to watch this video for school because were learning about hockey in gym class today. I think this is a great Sport your lesson you have taught me today is wonderful new subscriber here.🏒🏒🏒🥅❤️😊

  5. Here is a simple summary, from MAD magazine, late ‘60’s:

    Hockey Rules are very simple:
    Any Player can skate past both Blue Lines
    Unless he doesn't have the Puck,
    In which case he can skate past his own Blue Line only
    And wait for the man with the Puck
    Who can skate past Blue Lines
    Unless another teammate
    Skate past the second Blue Line first,
    In which case the other teammate must go back
    Unless he gets the Puck,
    In which case the first teammate must go back.
    Isn't that simple?
    Do you know who wrote Hockey's "Blue Line" rules?
    The same man who wrote "The Dead Sea Scrolls".
    If you are very good
    Some day we will tell you about the three RED lines!

  6. Wow – you try to explain the basic rules but do not even know the positions. The guy on the left that you call the left wing is actually playing right wing due to the direction he is facing (the d-men are behind him). The guy on the right is actually playing left wing for the same reason. It probably would have made more sense (and been accurate) if you used the opposite end of the ice…

  7. Just got into hockey, supporting my local team the Boston bruins and I actually really like it. I’m pretty alright myself

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