How to Juggle 3 Balls : The Juggler’s Tennis Ball Juggling Trick

How to Juggle 3 Balls : The Juggler’s Tennis Ball Juggling Trick

Alright everybody, I’m going to teach you
one of my favorite juggling tricks, it’s called jugglers tennis because it’s a really cool
looking trick, and all you need to know is the overthrow. Now, again, I’m going to use
some odd colored balls, we’re going to use the orange ball again. And this is basically
what juggler?s tennis looks like. The same ball keeps going back and forth over the top
of the pattern. And the way I’m doing this is I’m just juggling like I normally would,
but every time the orange ball comes to my hand, I’m throwing it over the top, I’m doing
an overthrow. And it sort of gives you this cool sort of tennis looking thing with the
balls going back and forth. I’ve been doing this trick for a long, long time and it’s
a cool looking trick and all you need to know to do it is the overthrow. And again, like
anything, you can break it down step by step, and you just maybe do one back and forth,
do one back and forth then practice two back and forth, you know, then you can just keep
doing it for as long as you want. It’s really just a minor variation to the juggling pattern
that looks a lot more difficult than it really is. That’s jugglers tennis.

58 thoughts on “How to Juggle 3 Balls : The Juggler’s Tennis Ball Juggling Trick

  1. The gravity is the same for everyone.
    You should throw a ball when the last one you throwed is in the highest part of the throw.
    Watch Jason Garfield's "Learn how to juggle 3 balls"…

  2. This is my favorite trick, it's easy and it looks funny, Usually I start juggling 2 balls in 1 hand (my right) and explain these are the "net"
    then I grab a tennis ball and say that's a tennis ball, and start doing the jugglers tennis

  3. I cant get this trick:P the overthrow is easy, but the other 2 balls just go up and down:P its kind of a diffrent kind of The Juggler's Tennis Ball

  4. it's very, very easy, I've learnt it in 20 mins, the hardest thing in this trick is to realize what to do with other two balls, when you're overthrowing the third one. it's normal juggling;)

  5. this is the first time i've attempted to juggle 3 ballsin 2 hours i was able to start juggling with 3 balls and i'm doin it with 4 balls also

  6. hey for all yall the best thing to use is lacrosse balls cuz they have some weight and bounce for bounce juggling

  7. @skidjesper I work in a kitchen. That's what we got. They pay for the potatoes AND the time I'm on the clock learning the tricks =D

  8. Oh my god…you are awsome!!!!…Right now i can only do the original pattern and a little bit of the "jugglers tennis" , but i am working on my juggling skills 😉

  9. lets see your best 3 ball juggling skills.. im sure everyone wants to see.. make a freestyle video

  10. did anyone else notice that the bottom balls doesn't cross over the middle layer and the top layer doesn't cross over the middle layer. that's another affect I found.

  11. @braniacsack, oh, it isn't, it really isn't. It's timing, precision, experience, creativity, a lot of factors, actually. But this trick is easy, but really worth learning at the beggining of your juggling adventure. 🙂

  12. it just takes a couple hours practice, it might seem impossible at the start but u can learn it really quickly

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