– Welcome again to sunny South Florida. I’m here at Mediterra. Adam Bazalgette, two-time PGQ Teacher of the
Year award winner down here. Wanna talk to you today about
how to grip the golf club. Stay tuned. (energetic dance music) (energetic dance music) Okay, so how to grip the golf club. Obviously, there’s been players of all sorts of championship calibers that had a little bit different grips, but we’re gonna show you
at least one major thing that they pretty much had in common, and if you can get that right, you can adjust your grip a little bit according to your preferences. If you like this video,
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more of this free content. Love to have you. So let’s talk about the grip here. Now, I’m obviously a right-handed golfer so we’re pretty much gonna talk about the left-hand grip today. Got on my own website,
Scratch Golf Academy, lots of stuff about the grip but this is the key and that’s the one we’re
gonna discuss today. Let me give you a little close-up and I’ll show you a couple of things. Okay, so here’s the big
deal with the lead hand. This fleshy heel pad must
rest on top of the golf club. Your fingers are a lot
stronger than your palm. You wanna have the club not
down in your fingers there but at least diagonally across
the base of your fingers. That gives you strength, and this pad again, this is key, this being on top of the
club gives you leverage. You can push down. There’s the famous drawing of Ben Hogan balancing the club under
the heel pad of that hand. Now, very important
when you take your grip, the natural anatomy of the hand is such that the wrist
will curl a little bit and the fingers naturally
curl up at address. They don’t hang like that. So this is a lot simpler if
you go with natural anatomy and just slide the club
in there like that. You’ll find this will happen
pretty much every time for you. If you straighten and
flatten your hand out there and try to force it in there or if you look at your hand too much and stick it under the club, this is a lot, lot more
difficult so remember, when I take my grip, however I take it, I cannot see inside my hand
at the moment of gripping. I just take this natural position and let it rest on top of the club. Acid test, of course. Can this easily push down
and can your fingers pull up? Now, there’s lots more to say about how far over the
handle the grip should be. That would effect how you square the club. You can see more of that
at Scratch Golf Academy but today, we’re concerned
with this mobility issue which is crucial. And I would suggest to you if you have anything close
to normal hand anatomy and you just slip the club in, you’ll probably see two to three knuckles as you always hear prescribed on the TV. Now, now that you know approximately where that grip should be, let me give you one more little insight. If you were to grip a hammer,
you’d grip it more or less at right angles to your arm like that. You wouldn’t grip it in a straight line. That would be critical to
getting the club down here. Now, I’m not suggesting the golf club will be at
right angles to your arm, but when you’ve gripped it
properly as I showed you, there’s gonna be a
fairly significant angle so remember, in your posture,
when you bend forward, your arms hang and the club sticks out. You don’t wanna be looking
down at kind of a straight line so if you get that handle up too high, you’re gonna find this
grip really hard to do. Let the hands hang a little lower and you’ll have more success. Again, if you like the video,
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  1. Hi Adam I love your videos. However I have found by getting the grip more into the fingers like you show at the beginning of this video gives even better hinging and control.

  2. Thanks sooo much Adam I just found out why my swing went MIA lol. My left hand was too much in the palm so with your tips I've turned a snap hook into a nice drawπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. thanks Adam,wondering why the snuff box being to the right of the shaft?I always seemed to play better when it was like that but for some reason I never believed it was correct.

  4. Good morning Adam , thanks so much for posting the GRIP videos…. I've begun to turn my high baby draw into a dredded snap hook left…killing my confidence..going out to the range later to try the GRIP out , wish me look πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

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