How to Hit a Pitch Shot from 20 Yards | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor

How to Hit a Pitch Shot from 20 Yards | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor

Are you having trouble hitting pitch shots? Looking for basic fundamentals to get more
consistent? Hey this is Sean McTernan and you are watching
another episode of My Golf Tutor, for you to improve your game now. Welcome back and todays email comes from Zach
and he writes Hey Sean I have been having a lot of issues with my 20 yard pitch shots
around the green. I have a tendency to catch them heavy and
thin. Do you have any techniques that will help
me get more consistent? Zach thanks very much for your question, I
think the most important part of getting more consistent with these 20 yard pitch shots
is getting a good setup, getting a good consistent setup and doing it every single time. There are couple things I would like to share
with you that will help you get a better strike on the ball. The first thing is ball position, I believe
that your ball position should be opposite of your sternum. If I set up to the ball like this the ball
is opposite of my sternum. Now, I like to open up a little bit, I like
the feeling that I am a little bit pre turned so when I strike the ball the club can go
around me a little bit. So when I open up my stance. You can see that it almost looks that the
ball is off my right foot. So it is a little bit of an optical allusion
would say that it is pretty much in the center of my stance if I was to square up. But as I open up you can see it is more off
my right foot from your angle. The next thing I want you to take a look at
is where your weight is when you are hitting this shot. You should definitely have a lot more weight
on your left side than your right side. I would say anything up to 70-75 percent of
your weight on your left side. Finally, the one thing I would like you to
concentrate on when you are hitting the golf ball is that the club is coming down low to
the ground here and it levels out. If you could imagine an airplane coming in
on a run way, it will kind of descend and then level out as it is coming down to the
runway. We don’t want to hit right down on the ball
and we certainly don’t want to scope the ball. One thing that I want you to watch as well
is that your hands don’t get to far ahead, we don’t want that leading edge sticking in. So it is a little bit like the bunker shots
I almost want you to feel that the handle and the head line up with each other at impact. Certainly not going to scoop and your not
going to lead. You are just going to feel they both line
up at impact. I hope this video helps and if you have a
comment or question about your golf game please leave a comment in the comment section below. Get on over to and sign up
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18 thoughts on “How to Hit a Pitch Shot from 20 Yards | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor

  1. The location of the closed caption text prevents the user from being able to see what you're doing with your feet and the ball.

  2. Please confirm if my observations are right:
    1.  You don't really need a full wrist set to come down shallow.  I see this on Jason Day.
    2.  The distance is controlled by the amount of backswing plus the speed of the rotation of your body and not the arms.

    My question is how much bounce do you lose with a slight forward shaft lean?

  3. I will try this since I am struggling with my pitch shots. Please let me know if this shot uses wrists or no wrists. Thanks so much.

  4. It's taken me years to figure this shot out, i used to over use my wrists going back which always caused a steeper decent into the ball and chunk shots, the key for me has been to minimize my wrist action going back and that takes care of the shallow approach into the ball which leads to more consistent contact. Less wrist action equals more consistent pitches and chips imho. Which is exactly what is demonstrated in this video lesson!

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