– Well welcome back to
sunny Naples Florida, Adam Bazalgette here, Two-Time PGA Teacher of
The Year award winner. Sunny Naples, we’re gonna talk
about how to hit a golf ball, off a downhill lie, a very tough shot. And we’re gonna show you
a moderate situation, which is pretty common and
then maybe how to handle a really severe situation, stay tuned. (energetic music) So hitting a shot off a downhill lie, to me that’s the toughest
of all situations, it works against most peoples
tendencies as I’ll show you. If you like the video please
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in every aspect of the game, let’s get started. So here we are on the
downslope, if it’s very slight I wouldn’t bother with adjustments, but this certainly is enough, you’re gonna have to take
a few things into account. Two problems with this
shot people face is, balance, number one, when
they’re on any kind of a slope, and of course number two, in this case because the hill’s up here, it’s hitting the hill before the ball, or bottoming out to early, can’t
quite trap the ball enough. Most people struggle enough
with this on a level lie, that’s why this is so challenging. Let’s have a look at it in slow motion. So I’m hitting a seven
iron off this downslope, there’s the angle of the slope, and you’ll notice that
my setup is perpendicular to that angle, in other words
I’m leaning with the hill, you’ve doubtless heard that before. Now I’m hitting a seven iron
here, a couple of thoughts, I’m gonna hit this well
within normal swing speed, if you swing to hard when
you’re on a side hill, you’ll probably get a
little bit of a miss hit, it is not worth it. And secondly the ball’s
gonna come off a lot lower than I would normally have
it, which may not make it fly a lot further as though
I had a less lofted club, but it will definitely
make it rollout more, so you have to plan for that
when you go to the green. I’m gonna play the ball a
little further back in my stance than normal, for me that’s
further back than I would, play a seven iron, for you
maybe further back than that. It’s just a little added insurance, of hitting the ball before the hill. And in the swing, there’s about
a three quarter backswing, the things I emphasize, as I attempt to swing down the slope, are keeping my left side lower, keeping my body moving with the slope, hands pass the ball of
course before I hit it, and then chase a nice
slow finish out there. Believe me, if your finish is
lower on this side of the ball it encourages more of a downward hit, as you run up to the golf ball. Okay so here’s a pretty severe situation, I’m on a very steep downslope, relative to what you’d
see on most golf courses, I’m just on the front side of
a big fairway bunker complex. And I’ve got about 115 yards or so, to a fractionally raised green, it’s a pretty difficult shot. Now whatever we discussed in
the previous mild downslope, lean with the hill, play it
back a little bit et cetera, swing down the hill, and of course allow for
a lower ball flight, you’ve gotta do all of those here, but you can just about double it. You’ve really, really gotta
adhere to those things. But here’s something I think
you can do a little differently that’ll help you make this shot, at least a little bit easier. Instead of my normal swing shape, I’m gonna play something
more of a cut shot, more out to in. I’m gonna actually let my
arms raise up off my body, and lift a little in the backswing. This allows me to have a
much steeper or sharper angle of attack, and it’s a
lot easier not to hit the hill before the ball. The other thing this does of
course is when I hit a cut shot I can play the shot with
a slightly open face, I’m still not gonna get
my normal loft here, but I can get some of the loft back, so it’s an easier way
to attack these shots. Again don’t expect great distance, stay fairly steady and
just hit the cut shots, so let’s give it a try. Lean with the hill, kind of rehearse my swing shape, and that was a pretty
good shot for that lie, just got it over the bunker
there, onto the green. I could never have gotten
that kind of a height, if I’d hit more of a draw shaped swing. So do the same adaptions,
but I think this cut shot will really help you when
you’re on a severe downslope. Well I hope you found that helpful, as always the better
your standard motion is, the better golfer you are in general, the ore easily you can
handle these situations. If you liked the video,
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  1. Good stuff! Thanks for doing this. The out to in swing shape is what I'll try out there. Looking forward to it

  2. Great content Adam! I am new to the channel but have found your videos very helpful and your tips easy to implement. Any tips or videos for someone trying to stop flipping my wrists after impact? I know I need to extend my arms and rotate but have found it hard to get the feeling in my swing. Again thank you for the content, it is very helpful.

  3. Should I go up 1 club for these type shots. My approach wedge is about 110 should I use a pitching wedge.

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