How To Frontside Blunt 270 With Snowboarder Dylan Thompson: The Trick ep. 4

How To Frontside Blunt 270 With Snowboarder Dylan Thompson: The Trick ep. 4

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Trick here on Network A. Joining us today is Dylan Thompson. Dylan, good to have you here buddy.
Pleasure to be here. Dylan has dropped some of the heaviest and scariest video parts to watch over the last couple years. What are you going to scare us with here today? Today we are going to be landing the front blunt 270. Let’s get to it. So for step one, you want to cruise in, about one foot away from the rail. You want to come nice and parallel with just a little more speed than you would do with a normal front boardslide. So step two, the pop on, you want to transfer your weight to your toes. Pop off your toes and jump onto the rail in a front blunt position. You want to catch it near the back foot and be facing up the hill when you are on the rail. For step three, the slide, you want to keep your board in the same position on the rail. You want to start turning your head and your shoulders and look towards that landing. That will set you up for step four, the pop out. At step four, you are at the end of the rail and you are ready to pop out. So you want to keep your shoulders and your head turning. Your board should follow just pop it out and give it a nice 270. You should be ready to land it and ride it out. Step five is the landing. You want to spin a nice 270 and land with your weight on your toe edge. That will set you up for a nice smooth ride out. That is it for the frontside blunt 270 and good luck learning it, take it to the streets, add on another 180, whatever you want to do. Have fun and be safe. Alright Dylan, all steps aside, what is the trick to the trick? I think the most important thing is when you lock on, you want to turn your head and look toward the landing. That will set you up for the 270 out. Keep that head turned. Well you just learned a trick of Dylan Thompson. Dylan, thanks for stopping by man. Thank you. Now you, this is up to you to learn these tricks, film them, share them with us and we will see you next time here on Network A on The Trick.

29 thoughts on “How To Frontside Blunt 270 With Snowboarder Dylan Thompson: The Trick ep. 4

  1. Dude are u joking the have bungees for street snowboarding! There are snowboard movies of just street snowboarding like holy smokes…

  2. Technically yes, but since many snowboard tricks stem from skating, we visualize having trucks when naming the tricks. The front and back foot act as the spot where the truck would be. So, if most of your weight is on your back foot after throwing the front 3/4 of the board over the rail, we call it blunt.

  3. Still haven't learned this, but I will before the year's over and submit a vid. I've got front board pretzel on lock, and my favorite techy trick is cab 270 off the toes to back lip. Can't believe I still can't do blunt to full's….

  4. A good blunt needs it to be right on the tail or at least the tail half of your foot, a few of these look like board slides

  5. The trick to the trick, like Dylon said, is to get your head and shoulders around and look at the landing while you are still on the rail, and not pop off until you are at the very end.  Be patient.  If you are at the end of the feature, and you are still looking uphill, it is very difficult to snap the 270 around.  If you have your head and shoulders already downhill, the 270 is a cinch. 

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