How To Counter Rotated 360 On A Snowboard

How To Counter Rotated 360 On A Snowboard

Counter rotated 360s. While riding switch,
spin a Switch Frontside 360 on the snow. In this rotation, my upper body and lower
body are moving together throughout the spin. A different technique for spinning
Frontside 3s on the snow is to use counter rotation, where your upper body
and lower body actually twist against each other throughout the trick to make
this spin come round even faster. Watch how fast I can spin this Switch
Frontside 360 on the snow without my board leaving the ground. It’s like your
lower body almost wraps around your upper body for a very quick 360. Just
doing this is a cool buttering trick by itself and other riders will be left
wondering how you did it. They can be done regular too but most people find
them easier to learn switch, so try it switch first.
You can practice it at home by imagining that you’re riding switch, turn and hold
on to something for reference, jump and counter rotate a full 360 from this
position. It’s your core muscles spinning your upper body and lower body against
each other to make this 360 come around extremely fast. While riding as you
enter the spin, turn your upper body slightly uphill and imagine you’re
grabbing on to something. Hold on to it and let your entire body spin a full
360 before you let go. After you feel the technique, relax and forget about holding
that imaginary object because it looks a little stupid. Try doing counter rotated
360s over rollers or bumps in the snow. It actually becomes easier to do over
small terrain features and adds a floatier feel. You can also start to slow
them down. Counter rotated 3s don’t all have to be super fast. Try
unweighting your board as you counter rotate the 3, you may find that you
get completely off the ground and actually pop the Switch Frontside 360 in
the air by mistake. This is okay, but make sure you’re learn them with your board
still connected to the snow too as I’m building your skills for another trick.
Watch the opposite stace version of this tutorial to get a visual of
counter rotated Frontside 3s in your regular direction, because you need to
learn it both ways. This tutorial is filmed at Whistler Blackcomb. I’m Nev
Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your riding!

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  1. Great lesson! I went out today, tried this and success! Tomorrow hope to go a little faster, and maybe get some air. And strangely easier switch, as you say. Feels so slick!

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