HOW TO BEAT BIG DEFENDERS | Learn these football skills

HOW TO BEAT BIG DEFENDERS | Learn these football skills

today we’ll give you some tips on what you can do if you’re a small attacker and you find yourself in a right pickle as you have to go up against a mountain of a defendant and trying to go past him might very well end up in you embarrassing yourself purchased a man is a moving mountain but thankfully there’s a lot of little stuff you can do to get the upper hand and baby veneer defendant the size of Mount Everest number 5 get the ball between his legs if the defender has long limbs try to make the defender move sideways in a one-on-one situation and there will be space in between his legs which will beg you to make the Panna use the confusion move away unhurt [Music] number four heading to running competitions this is a bit of an obvious one because unless this fella is a freak of nature if you’re small and nippy guy you’ll hopefully be able to beat this giant through his speed if he hasn’t already gotten back up and you’ve got space behind him to running take a long touch and fire up the engine to leave him behind in the dust [Applause] [Music] number three run around the defendant if the defender here is really slow well then you’re in luck all you have to do is to maintain a safe distance to him in order to avoid his body checks and being called by an armed deep running circles around him and make sure he doesn’t get the chance to use the strength against you and basically you should be golden [Music] number two stay on the defendants blindside when your teammate has to pull try to stay on the dark side of the defender so he can’t see both the ball and you then you’ll have the advantage when you’re making runs my coach always used to tell me the first move is for the defender the second for the ball now when you’re an attack against the center half you should often do the first move just to make space for yourself for a teammate so if you make the first run as a strike it towards your teammate the defender will follow you but just before the pass you change direction and run back into the empty space the defender has just left it’s all about timing and this needs some brains from the other one who asked the ball but keep it in mind it might just give you a lot of open space to explore and finally number one changing directions to make the defender loses balance if you’re up against the big defendant with long limps need to make him move and get him out of balance use your upper body here by dropping your shoulder for example you might like the defender make the first move and everything goes basically whether it’s a fake pass or shot of simply looking in a different direction to where you want to go that split second off balance can be the difference that puts you through a loan on gold so use every little opportunity to turn the tide advantage [Music] and there you have it my friends five tips on how to play against the biggest stronger defendant but what should we look into next let us know in the comment section right down below now if your speedy wing and you need some new books look no further then you you sports total come via the link to your right and also don’t forget to go and subscribe to our channel with the notifications on to see even more tutorial videos in the future finally don’t learn some more cool stuff in a playlist in your bottom left without guys I’m signing off see you next time

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  1. Im a CB an paly for a team but these tacticts dont use to me i the best defender from my league !! And no one dribles me in match !

  2. Yeah..! That was fine the first one do the ball between the legs (nutmeg) option but it was difficult to do our friends or players😅

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