How To Backflip on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

How To Backflip on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

My name is TJ Kern. I’m in beautiful British
Columbia. Riding on the Whistler Blackcomb Glacier. Today I’m going to teach you how to do a barrel roll back flip. You’re going to want to know the necessary speed for the jump that you’re coming in to hit, and want to get to a point where you know you can drop from straight-line into the jump and you’re going to have
good speed once you figure that out, you’re going to want to stay flat based, a little on your toe edge and just go for it. Send it! Send it to flat! Ha ha! When you get to the takeoff and you’re
trying to do a backflip you pretty much want to just be thinking in
your head like you doing a backflip on a trampoline or off a cliff or any
other place you would be doing a backflip or you’ve done one before. Just come up get a little bit on your
toes pop and just throw your head back. Alright, when you’re in the air, and you’re doing a backflip, with your rotation going, the main thing is you want to stay committed. Once you start your rotation, you’re going to want to keep going with it Once you get half way through your flip, and you’re upside down, have your head back. You want to try and spot the snow, and spot your landing. See how much time you have left in the air and decide
whether you want to keep going at the same speed or open up and slow it down a little bit. My first back flip experience was actually in Mount Hood. It was real slushy snow, perfect for
learning new tricks. You could pretty much land on your head
and you’re going to be alright. We just built a real steep lip, maybe
waist-high. Salted in really good, made it really sturdy and just went for it.

45 thoughts on “How To Backflip on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

  1. Man,I can't wait for winter to come….I'm already bored of this sun..I wanna go do some boarding on the snow.In my country there are no snowparks or anything but me and my friends want to take the shovels and build our own spots….So,it'll be cool.Thanks for the tips by the way…..

  2. I learned backflips into the water a couple weeks ago. And I want to keep progressing them into bigger drops. I'm hoping to throw at least one attempt of a backflip in the powder.

  3. Argh yesterday I picked up a new board and bindings etc… I've been going through all these videos and I can't wait until the season starts.
    I'm not a patient person 🙁

  4. From my gymnastics experience, throwing your head back in a backflip causes you to lose height. Instead, bring your knees to your chest.. That's where your momentum to flip backward comes from. Of course if you're jumping from a cliff, you won't really be worried about height, but if you're doing a standing back and throw your head back, then that's a crash waiting to happen. Are there any other techniques for a backflip in snowboarding that don't involve throwing your head back?

  5. from my parkour experience, the same thing applies, but i wonder how much harder would it be to flip with a weight on your legs and going at a speed much faster than running. Also i suppose that if you have less air time tucking your knees in will work better but i guess for most people on large jumps just not sucking will work

  6. Thanks everyone for the feedback on the new video! If you guys have any requests for what the next video should be please leave me your ideas. Thanks! #snowboard

  7. If you guys have a facility with a resi landing and park boards for summer riding learn them on the resi like I did!! Woodward Tahoes great watch?v=ymtBqyr-6P4

  8. (preview project of k.pap vol.2) check this out is one preview video of me and my friends 🙂
    i try many times to do backflip but it not work and i was have lot of hard FAILS…!!!
    you can see the way in one moments how i do it 😛
    and by the way i like this dope style of you 😉 cheers guys!!!

  9. I think a front flip is just as hard as a back flip. Is there a place where you can try each out on a trampoline and see which one feels easier to you? Or wait for a big powder day and try them out then.

  10. Oh, so dangerous but of course, exciting  !
    That's why this's called x-game, oh dear  !

    Do as much preparations as we can b4 try this out     : )       ! !

  11. I used to do gymnastics and can easily do these flips on ground but are they any harder on a snowboard? Difference is the snowboard is attached to my leg and on ground I'm used to aiming straight up or getting to my peak before I flip. Is it better to wait for your peak or to whip it?

  12. Important question ! can you do the same thing just rolling to the front? because i can't rly find a how to video of a frontflip? barrel roll frontflip ? idk how u wanna call it 😀

  13. Your instruction was lost due to not being able hear a  thing as your too far away from the mic  , next time wear a mic , but very nice flips

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