all right there we go don’t burn
yourself thanks Josh welcome as I’m holding hot chocolate and mashed
potatoes potatoes yeah okay yeah what’s up welcome back to the channel happy
December holiday seasons here today caleb nash feemster aka santa today’s
videos two things it’s a world record Wednesday which means I’m gonna set a
world record later today and it’s also I will it juggle you guys have been asking
for juggling videos and I ask you to bring back will it juggle and it is here
the Christmas edition of will it juggle and Caleb has been wanting to beat and
they will it juggle he’s keep saying he wants to challenge me that’s right I
think I could do it to a juggling video it’s not like juggling six knives and
stuff like that it’s like just being able to juggle three things and I think
I’m decent at it I think I’m gonna crush you but yeah I’m happy to defeat you at
a juggling video so here we go the way the video work we have all of our
Christmas items here and there also on the wheel you will spin the wheel three
times to get the objects you will need to juggle if you’re able to do it you
get a check if you’re not able to do it you will get a strike right let’s see
what item is up first sweet sweet potato casserole right here
okay sell that recipe that is item number one a candy cane thank you okay
and my third item is a tree ornament okay not too bad if I’m able to juggle
these three items I will get a check Caleb will also then have to attempt to
juggle those three items if he does not able to juggle them and he will get an
axe I might do him I will get a next first person to get three exes loses
here we go one ornament one candy cane and one bowl
of soup to a casserole leftovers from the examinee I made them they were
delicious but we had too many of them are you ready did you really make them
oh yeah Caleb are you ready I’m ready when you are
I have to get like let’s say 9s 10s catches it has to look like a juggle
yeah thank you think the crowd goes wild well
thank you everyone I am literally no one okay guys let’s
have a little game right now if you think caleb is gonna feel these three
items drop a comment say Caleb you got this and if you if you think he’s going
to shatter all three of these items drop a thumbs up right now you’re only gonna
have seven thumbs up because everybody here believes in me
okay well either way as soon as something hits the ground guys drop a
thumbs up you’re welcome oh that was not too bad that was pretty
good I don’t know how many catches we might need to go back to the camera that
was way better I thought was gonna go yeah you did break the bull however
believe it or not we just watched the video and he got nine maybe ten catches it’s a competition folks for all of you
who like that button thinking I was gonna drop it on the first one over the
back of the anymore team cash baby thanks for everybody to
have my back let’s go Josh it’s a game man I know you’re kind of nervous expect to see a lot of that today Josh I
just hurt my shoulder back okay well it’s your turn now okay give me like
three ornaments Oh got it Triana okay it’s all about me staying
alive here there’s only one elf go again your third
item Santa hat that’s gonna be tough ornament and did you have a Santa hat
for me huh you have a Santa hat for you this is I had to bring my own Santa hat
yeah I have a prop hat for me to use you don’t mind I’ll set the budget on this
film for some other reason I said nine or ten so apparently it’s nine or ten
ready one two three four I was so sure that that was the one that wasn’t gonna
trip me up then I was so focused on the Hat I just missed think I’m surprised
those things have shattered yet well you know what oh wait never mind it’s just
oh yeah you put a hole in it yeah I did that’s what you get that’s what you get
for being that way stupid stupid stupid that means Caleb gets an X and I don’t
have to try it so I’m in the lead 1x huh 1x to nothing wrapping paper wrapping
paper okay oh yeah you don’t got this you’re gonna get mashed potatoes and
another wrapping paper cookie tin that’s what I said you’re gonna get mashed
potatoes don’t say me mashed potatoes more wrapping paper okay all right yep no problem for me I’m gonna give you
problem so how long have you go for I hate that that’s so good wait I get it
cheese combat skills okay let’s see it yeah sure I baked them with love yeah what what nothing ready okay that’s great that’s two exes for Caleb
dang it dang it okay let’s back up yeah yeah I mean I’m
winning this round mashed potatoes the Incas will give you more or less
trouble than the sweet potatoes or exactly the same give me trouble give me
trouble item number two all right opponents choice I’m gonna give you the
hot it’s actually still warm I was thinking it was gonna be a do you want
me to barter it’s still hot so why am I doing this how do you stick your finger
in there huh I was gonna drink some and a candy cane all right give me a
second to prepare saw all the messy items on here I know I don’t want to
give my pupae much doesn’t look if you do six sketches I’ll count it as a win I
win the whole challenge sure tell me my first ever I’m actually very surprised
it’s as warm as it is it’s not burning like I think you’ll be fine
it’s definitely too warm yeah I put a marshmallow in there though so that’s
good thanks welcome you look ridiculous when do I not yeah okay six catches and
you win this round not the game silly don’t bring yourself thanks Josh welcome
as I’m holding hot chocolate and mashed potatoes oh man you lost big time not even really
close well guys thumbs up if you haven’t yet for Caleb’s solid efforts in the
juggling video yeah and now it’s time for me to try a couple challenges first
up I’m gonna see if I can set the world record for most snow globes juggled yeah
I could go in the mud or the grass but we’re gonna make it interesting and stay
on the concrete and I’m gonna try to juggle six thank you mess up once dunzo
and not to mention you lose Santa’s home you destroy his in his heavy if they
like hit each other and hit me in the face how funny would a dress if you just
crank them in they both shatter no world record okay
now that I’m holding all six of them I’m gonna put one down we’re gonna do five
first just in case I shattered something I think five is still world record oh I
thought that my stomach so good best time we dad that’s Talent
guys well how do you stop it as the question Jimmy to catch some you want to
throw one to me oh wow that was Wow it’s snowing
Wow six going for six six maybe most mobile juggle five that glass just like just
integrated we gotta be careful out here holy I shoot up here barefoot all the
time man you doing to me look at all the snow on
the ground snowing in LA okay last last challenge which I do I have
five rolls of wrapping paper I’m gonna balance one and juggle the other four
hopefully for the world record for most wrapping paper rolls juggle while
balancing another roll I need eight catches for it to count oh I think when you go inside it there’s a
little bit of wind which is blowing that one around and blowing or on the ones
I’m trying to travel so let’s go inside break this record there you have wrapping paper mic drop
thanks for watching that’s a wrap I’m companies every Monday of Wednesday
every Satur so subscribe to me if you haven’t yet we’ve got other awesome
Christmas videos coming caleb has a bunch on this town to some agree you
check that I can clip the card it’s at this side of this side I don’t know
where if I was bringing there’s a card somewhere in the corner go clip that
repeal is channel here might share test for day thank you thank you thank you
and we’ll see you guys there the most videos by where’s this Airport that’s
like a one of those that lands in the water where are you going


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  2. I knew Caleb could juggle the sweet potato’s and happy hollidays everyone including josh Hortan and Caleb Nash femster

  3. Josh I’ve see a 2 year old video of yours on how to juggle and I sort of know how to juggle now! I just got to practice

  4. Caleb did great considering what all he landed on 🤣 Gotta improve somehow. The shattering of those snow globes though… 😨 If you don’t have one already, hopefully Santa brings you a ShopVac for easier cleanup for everything y’all do 🤣 I found one for an amazing deal on Black Friday I’m using for White Elephant this year.

  5. I like how Josh's videos are really fresh. It seems like he records, has them edited, and upload pretty quick to the day he recorded.

  6. Great video. Always love the will it juggle vids. Btw you may want to think about plastic bowls lol. Keep up the great work

  7. Soon y’all are gonna run out of records and you’re gonna be making records like “most heads of lettuce juggled on a playground by someone wearing a shirt that says the word soccer on it”

  8. How is this a contest? It's like having Mike Tyson in his prime box Pee Wee Herman…let's keep the contests fair…

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