Horse Racing in Mongolia

Horses are part of the Mongolian way of life and a symbol of manhood. We can’t imagine this country without them. I am a young trainer from Khenti province. This is my tenth year racing horses. My child jockey Ochiroo is about to turn ten. He’s quite young and is not perfect. Because of that I’m guiding him all the time. They sing a song as part of their child jockey role. It’s what they should do. It’s a kind of spiritual thing that asks for good luck from the gods before racing. This year there’s not much rain so we don’t have enough grass. Our herds of animals are losing weight, are hungry and we all need to work harder. When the grass can’t grow well, we provide extra vitamins to our horses. We hope these vitamins increase the strength of the horses in the races. One reason I continue to train horses is I hope that my children will carry on the racing tradition. It requires personal strength and makes us very happy.

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