Hockey Training: In-Season Example Workout

Hockey Training: In-Season Example Workout

– Hey, hockey players. In this video, I’m gonna show you what an in-season hockey
training workout looks like. The name of the game changes when it comes to in-season training. You need to be very careful about where you set your
intensities for the workout, which is the percentage at
which you work in your set from your one rep max. And also, you need to be careful with the volume prescription. Why? Because now, performance
is the number one thing that you need to be concerned with, not gettin’ a bigger squat,
not gettin’ bigger arms, not gettin’ a better bench press. Right now, we are training to be the best hockey
players we could possibly be all season long. That means keeping up
your speed, conditioning, strength and muscle mass with a very intricate and
delicate program design strategy. Let me show ya’ how we get it done. The first exercise that we’re gonna be
performing in this workout is the barbell back squat. Now, we are gonna be
hitting all five sets here at 75-percent of what’s
known as your every day max. An every day max is slightly
different than a one rep max because an every day max is something that you
could hit for one rep no matter what day you went to the gym and not on your all-time best effort. We wanna hit 75-percent
of your every day max and controlling all of your main movements with intensity percentages is
a must throughout the season. The second exercise in
this first super set is the supinated grip chin up. You wanna do this weighted if possible because we’re goin’ a little heavy here. We’ll need three to five reps per set. Make sure your palms
are facing towards you and that you go through a full
range of motion on every rep. (light electronica music) For the barbell standing shoulder press, I don’t want you guys to
use any momentum at all. No knee drive here,
this isn’t a push press. Stay nice and strong, hands slightly wider
than shoulder width apart and press the bar straight
up over your head. (light electronica music) For the bent over barbell row, we’re gonna be doin’
six to eight reps here and I want you to stay strong
in that bent over position. Keep the elbows nice and close to the body and try and pinch your shoulder blades at the top of every rep. (light electronica music) For the barbell snatch grip deadlift, we’re gonna do five reps here, but we’re gonna perform all of our sets at 50-percent of our every
day max at this lift. With the snatch grip deadlift, it’s one of the best exercises
hockey players could do, but I want you to make sure you never let your pinkies off the bar because it can be very
tough grip exercise. I want ya’ to drive with
your legs out of the bottom and make sure that you’re
pinching your shoulder blades at the top of the movement and extending your hips as
well and bein’ explosive. (light electronica music) The last exercise in
this workout is the dip. I want you guys to lean a
little bit forward with this one and don’t lean back. Allow yourself to drop down and get to a full extension at the top. And if you’re advanced and a little bit strong in this movement, I would like ya’ to add weight, so that the five reps
is always challenging. (light electronica music) Thanks for watchin’ our
in-season hockey training video. If you enjoyed that video, make sure you smash the thumbs up button and subscribe to the channel and for more information on how you should be
training during the season, go to (light electronica music)

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  1. Also another thing is Summer vacation is coming to a end and school is starting up I won’t have time to do all workouts for Shoulders Legs Arms can you guys come up with a schedule for me and what I should focus on each day

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