Hockey Players Try To Keep Up With Figure Skaters | SELF

Hockey Players Try To Keep Up With Figure Skaters | SELF

100 thoughts on “Hockey Players Try To Keep Up With Figure Skaters | SELF

  1. I was just cringing watching them attempt the higher level things like scratch spins because those took me over a month to master and do 6 revolutions on.

  2. I love these types of videos but Ivo's attitude in this was a huge disappointment. How can somebody who coaches have such a negative approach to every challenge he is given?

  3. I've never seen a professional do most of those things, as they would be way too easy for competition. Things like this really make you appreciate the level of skill that ice skaters require

  4. I played ice hockey for an adult rec league in Boston for a bit, but before that I spent years learning how to ice skate. The instructors I had were almost always figure skaters. Over and over, they would repeat to us students: get comfortable with your skate's edges! Like hockey players, a figure skater's ability to skate is exquisitely effortless, but they have an edge control that is way more advanced (because their sport demands it).

  5. "Can I get a cheat sheet ? There's so much going on I don't remember anything" as a figure skater, I felt that. Literally me every time my coach choreographs something for me

  6. What's sad is that the spirals of some of my synchro teammates are worse than the hockey player's in the thumbnail…

  7. i skated with ice hockey skates a few days ago and omfg it was so so hard so I guess for them to suddenly have toe picks must be really hard

  8. Ivo ia afraid that he will loose his heterosexuality in this challenge xD

    (And the firls are kinda afraid loosing their 'guyness'…)

  9. don’t really like how ivo had this negative energy the whole time… i mean at least he could’ve tried instead just being so pessimistic:(

  10. I used to take figure skating classes, it was fun and these moves they did in the video were in the beginner classes. ballet jumps freaked me out. and so did axels.

  11. The Figure skates the Hockey players are using are Riedell 850 Soft Series rental skates. . One search shows the runner/blade is a Quest Topaz Blade. Rocker is 7 ft, Toepick is straight cut, Suggested Radius of Hollow: 1/2". A 7ft rocker is rather small radius for a figure skate.

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