100 thoughts on “Hockey Penalties Explained – With Sweet Spot Squad

  1. Did we miss any penalties that you want to see? What did you think of Frederiks' Denis Lemieux impression? I have more videos with the Sweet Spot Squad on the way so hit that subscribe button. We also shot an epic trick shot video together. You can see it first on their channel, check out their channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ7ZTG4hQmzn2LDHVSBW3mw

  2. eh… The box doesn't sound that bad.. sound like my home. But instead of 2 minutes it's my whole life.

  3. I've seen almost all of these penalties at Huntsville Havoc games, and usually, the refs call uncalled for penalties, which is ridiculous! But thanks! Now I know what these penalties mean!

  4. I love hockey so much but the boys in other classes at my school think it's weird and I shouldn't do it but the people in my class and on my team are like family in hockey! Even if I'm the only girl on my team doesn't mean I can't play! I love saying that to people! So girls start hockey if you like a tough sport with skates you like games that are fast! And I'm a new subscriber! Thanks for making these videos!

  5. The penalties I know of they kissed

    Delay of game
    Goalie Interference
    Slashing with blood (4:00 minutes)

  6. ‚now you get to the box.. by yourself.. two minutes.. there you can think about what you‘ve just done!‘ 🤣🤣

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