Here we are going to do core
plank pike’s with the towel. So, all you are going to do is getting a good push-up position in your plank position. So, your back is flat, core is tight and your feet are going to either be on a towel or you can just be using your
socks as well. All you are going to do is just bring your legs up straight as far as you can come in here and then
bring them back down. Back to playing position; you want to go
nice. good under control movements. Now to add a bit more difficulty just go on one leg. So, the one leg variation is going
to be more challenging so you do that for this item on repetitions on one leg then you switch leg. The double leg
variation is where you should do this when you are just starting out again. You can use a towel on a cement surface, you can use your
socks. Towel is going to be a little bit harder than your socks will be. Or if you don’t have a smooth surface
that slides like that, you can use something like
rollerblades where the toll of the skate is going to roll for you so you’ll be able
to do it that way. So here we have more challenge variation of the plank pike’s. We are going to actually be using plates, so you can use 5, 10, 25, whatever weight that you want to use as
long as you keeping good technique. Use as much weight as you can. And then we are just going to put the plate on a cement surface. We are going to put our toes on the middle the plate and then you are just going to pike up and back. So all you are going to be doing here is in a good plank position. You are here and then planking up or piking up; legs
are straight, bringing that hip up as far as you can.
For me coming back to make it more challenging. Or you can just move on to a single a variation. As you are adding more and more
weight to that you are going to want to really add more pressure to the plate to push it back and pull it forward which is going to make that more challenging and really engage your core. So, double-leg or single leg. If you do single leg just do the assignment on repetitions for one leg and then move to the other leg.


  1. Hey, I have this problem with my skating that I can't get low enough when skating to get all the power out of my legs. I though if you could give me some dry land drills to strengthen whatever part of my body I need to get stronger. Thanks

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