Hidden Gem Golf Course | The Course At Sewanee

Hidden Gem Golf Course | The Course At Sewanee

that is how we like to start hope y’all
have it a wonderful day have a special nine-hole round in store for today’s
vlog we’re gonna be vlogging all nine holes out here at the course at swanee
here in Tennessee just in between Nashville and Chattanooga an awesome
little layout here been looking forward to coming out here and playing this
course so we’re gonna play all nine yes there’s only nine holes here at swanee
but it’s kind of cool you can play different teas like if you want to play
it twice to change up the par on different holes it’s a super cool layout
very excited about teeing it up so we’re just gonna head straight to the first
tee let’s go like I said you do have options on each hole for what tees you
want to play from the first hole here we are gonna play as a par-5 there’s the
fairway heading straight back towards the in 550 yards roughly from this tee
box we’ll take that tee shot to start every
day all day here’s where my ball ended up no view of the green from here it’s
up over this hill here so I’m going to put the camera further back so you can
see a little bit of the shape of this second shot 245 yards left to the center
of the green little right however we missed it in the
proper place have a pretty decent look here tuned up and down for the birdie landed that a little too short to get up
and over that Ridge there’s a ridge there a little short of the pin didn’t
quite get it over it still have a look for birdie pretty good break from right
to left need to get the speed right that is how we like to start with
rolling the rock birdie on one one under these greens look good they roll good
they’re pure looks like back-to-back par fives to start 548 is where we’re gonna
play it from par-5 number two looks like this hole bins just a little to the
right green kind of sets back right in there
I think our aiming point is going to be that bunker that bunker is not reachable
first bunker you see is carry a ball second one is not that was a little right honestly not
really sure what’s down there we’re gonna find out all right walking up here
not the ideal tee shot we’re down in the cabbage little off the rough and the
deep stuff middle pin 97 yards left I’m gonna chip
a little sand wedge it’s a bit up the hill probably gonna get a little spin on
it throw it a few feet past these yards past pull it on back we’ll find out locking up here we are a
bit long right there and I minded misjudge that uphill just a
bit but we’re putting our five on number two one of the
craziest views I’ve ever seen on a course is up here by the green par-3 165
tee box is a little further back than it said there on the plate playing it from
a little over 180 I’m gonna hit a little three-quarter seven little right pushing a few these shots
so far this morning we’ll get it to Din walking up to the grain I had to show
y’all this view are you kidding me this is incredible
there’s our ball but that is just a side note to this view Wow
I don’t know if I’ve ever been on a green with that kind of view I mean you
can see I couldn’t even tell you how many miles a long long ways number four par four to 78 looks like
this one’s drivable I didn’t come here to lay up we are hitting driver gonna
need to take a little off this hopefully just a little easy butter cut in there
right on the green I don’t know if you saw that I hit that
a lot better than I wish I would have that landed almost right over the pin
but back of the green and definitely hopped along this is a very small green
landed somewhere back in there hopped long hopefully we can find this this is
what we’re faced with there it is not in good shape probably wouldn’t hit driver
here in the future I don’t really have anywhere to put the camera down there so
I’m gonna put it behind the hole you’re not gonna see me hopefully you see the
ball up in maybe not we’ll see as quick as that was down the hill a
little slower up the hill thought I gave it enough guess not
that’s a par here on for number 5 part 3 210 yards are roughly there about we’ll
see where we’re heading from I’ll let you know the yardage just to the right
of that tree you see pretty much right in the middle of the green 7-iron we’re
gonna take that aim now we pulled that one that should be
okay but where we wanted it another incredible view off the backside of this
part three green looks like the green opened up a little bit on the left so we
are okay just hung on the edge of the green there what have you a little short didn’t give that enough
credit putting back up the hill there thought that was moving a little bit
left but since that’s a cliff down there I should have known it it probably
wasn’t going right number six par four 402 yards number six here looks like a
good par four pretty sure we’re able to carry this bunker right there so should
be driver up the right side looks like it bends a little to the left I might have pulled that one a little
bit you can see the pen kind of right through that gap I don’t think that
that’s the play there’s a little piece of green out here
I think we’re juicing kind of play this out right of funnels left great if it
doesn’t hopefully we’re putting right here on
the right side plenty of green to work with see if we can get this up and down
we really need to throw hitting T balls a little better we are spraying it a bit
at the moment all right and with the par no GU is done
they’re here huh number six on to number seven number seven par four 391
considering I have not hit my driver very well today we’re gonna go ahead and
sting this one we’re gonna hit it right at that bunker right there shouldn’t be
able to reach that I believe it’s probably about 280 off the tee if that one really good had a little bit
of a draw on it can’t see it landing in the fairway
because of the sun shining on the fairway I think he got around that left
bunker find out hit it well however did a little bit over draw that from what I
was wanting to do big slope here in the fairway from right to left
thought I might have snuck around the bunker got to show you this we didn’t
make it by much this is the angle from the tee box so it would have rolled up
in here just missing the bunker and look where
it ended up we are a o K just in the rough greens up over that hill maybe a little right but should be okay
little short little right a lot of green to work with if we can get this up and
down DAP was in hand that was huge let’s go on to number
eight number eight par four three thirteen all right so I just realized I think I
played it Steve ox for the back nine when you would play this nine again that
was not borderline drivable that’s a long ways no idea how far it was from
here thought that green looked like it was a long ways away another miss
fairway off the tee box got a little gap wedge here it’s about 90 yards to the
pen need to keep it below this tree not the best angle from here let’s knock it
on the green it’s really gonna be tough to hold the
grain coming out of the rough whoa it’s up there we got a putt we were coming
from right over and there here’s where we ended up actually not bad at all
about 20 feet left for the birdie not a bad hot cup of tea coming back alright whore on number eight for I
really can’t believe this nine is already almost over we’re through eight
holes for even par on the day a lot of scrambling this course is no joke you
can put yourself in some situations it can be very difficult to make pars we’ve
made one bogey and one birdie today so far would love to come back another time
and play some other tee boxes to see how some of these holes play from different
yardages that’s what’s really cool about this course you can play here twice and
really play a lot of very different holes it’s a lot of fun really enjoyed
this round so far let’s see if we can’t end with a birdie here on nine let’s go
number nine for 88 from all the way back I’ve pretty much played the back box on
every single hole today so we’re not going to probably change that up we’re
just gonna play this as a par four instead of the par-5 dead straightaway
see if we can’t miss that bunker just to the left ended with a good drive right there
that’s what we’re looking for it’s at about 300 yards it’s a little up
the hill slightly and was a little into the breeze hit that one well 200 yards
left to the pen just a little right but I think it’s
been hi should be puting that is how we wanted to end it here on nine about a
20-footer left for birdie par there hope y’all enjoy getting a little look into
the golf course at swanee this place is awesome
definitely a hidden gem for sure it’s right in between Nashville Chattanooga
check it out if you’re in this part of the country worth the stop for sure
didn’t have our best ball striking today scramble it times got the ball in the
hole even par on the day you know of course I’ve never seen we’ll take it had
so much fun really enjoyed this course until next time we’ll see you when we
see you you

97 thoughts on “Hidden Gem Golf Course | The Course At Sewanee

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