Golf’s New Rules (2019): Unplayable Ball in Bunker

Golf’s New Rules (2019): Unplayable Ball in Bunker

When you decide your ball in a bunker is unplayable… under the 2019 Rules, you have an extra option… that lets you drop back-on-the-line outside the bunker for a penalty of two strokes. Imagine a straight line running from the hole through where your unplayable ball is. Identify a spot on that line as far behind the bunker as you like. Measure or estimate a one club-length wide relief area on either side of and behind that spot. Then drop a ball in that area. Your dropped ball must land in and be played from the relief area.

2 thoughts on “Golf’s New Rules (2019): Unplayable Ball in Bunker

  1. First off, that lie was very do-able. But, that aside, does anyone really think that’s a simplification of the rules?

    How about for one stroke you can place the ball anywhere in the bunker not closer to the hole. Yes,I said place. Dropping a ball from any height into the sand results in a crater. For two shot, you can drop two club lengths behind the bunker not nearer the hole.

    If it’s not broke don’t break it and if you break it, only you can fix it USGA.

  2. Wait, you’re taking a 2 short penalty but you only get one club length relief? That’s confusing because free drops are usually one club length and penalty drops are two.

    Another confusing simplification of the rules.

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