[Golf with Aimee] Driver Lesson 001- Slice No More!

[Golf with Aimee] Driver Lesson 001- Slice No More!

hi guys it’s Amy wouldn’t it be nice to hit it nice and long and straight off the tee today I’m going to help you fix your slice so you can rip it down the middle [Music] [Applause] so it’s very common to see weekend golfers slice it off the tee there are many different reasons why you slice but today I’m going to be focusing on using the hips the wrong way so basically driver is the only club out of the whole bag you tee it up very high so if you do your downswing like all the other clubs like irons and woods with the driver you transfer you weight into the left so your body is ahead of the golf ball if you hit it like this with the teed up ball like that you’re gonna end up hitting down on it are you gonna hit it high and cut it right so we don’t want to transfer your weight into the wall with the driver but there is another way a lot of people misuse their hips so they know not to transfer you weight into the left so they stay nice in the back foot but they end up spinning their hips to create power this is wrong because if you look at it from the down the line basically if you spin your hips what happens is you initiate with the hip turn and basically you’re setting up to cut the ball so most of the time you’re going to go out to in and cut it pretty bad so what you want to do is you want to keep the weight in the right foot and you want to give it some stability so your hips don’t fire through first you’re basically going to use your abs for power this is kind of hard to understand because you probably never felt it before so let me show you the difference if you stabilize your legs and put a lot of pressure in your core and throw the club head through it looks like this like this so your club head gains a lot of momentum and power and speed versus if you use your hips like this then you lose all power you can probably try it yourself and you feel a difference right away so we really want to stabilize our legs and throw and really utilize that core for power so I know we’re trained so as the club gets longer you’re supposed to you your lower body more to bring the club to the golf ball so when you grip the longest club out of your back automatically your body’s gonna react to it and use your hips a lot with the driver the ball is up in the air so you don’t want to use the letter or move for the downswing right so we’re gonna have to get rid of rid of your hips firing first so very simple all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna keep your right foot down flat on the ground and once you make that Y your right foot is going to follow through after the impact watch see how I hit the ball first and then the right foot came off the ground so remember you hear this all the time with the driver you’re supposed to hit it off the back foot once you get this feeling going you’ll feel how much more square you go into the ball and how much more power there is to it so you really stick to it but until you do you have to make sure you make the Y first and then the foot goes just get used to the order first so let me show you again when you get to the top I don’t want your hips going first right I want you to throw using the stability of your legs so right foot is going to stay down until impact oh that was a good one so to get rid of your slice remember to keep your right foot down until you make contact with the golf ball this is really going to get rid of your slice it’s gonna allow you to hit it way further I hope you’re able to follow along if you have any questions come visit me on my facebook comm slash golf with Amy thank you and see you next time [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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  1. hi amiee, i know this is to counter a slice, but could one use this swing as a stock standard drive? great videos by the way. shanx for sharing:-)

  2. i have recently come across this video of yours because I'm suffering from a bad slice with my driver even though I'm hitting my irons well. I've always done the lateral weight transfer first on my irons to get very good contact. but i didn't know why I'm slicing my driver!! until i saw this! i never thought or heard of this tip before. you've made me a fan of yours! does it apply to fairway woods too? and hybrids?

  3. Very effective and easy to understand. I have been trying hard to eliminate slicing. But now I understand clearly my problema. Hope to improve it my next outing.

  4. Aimee, thank you for making and sharing this video! It is absolute genius! Regained confidence with my driver…corrected my swing plane (back and through), tempo…and now I'm hitting the driver consistently, where aimed, and long. Again, thank you!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Aimee … i must have watched a 100 video and read a 1000 instruction books but your way of explaining everything and your drill are the best instructions i have ever had . I have gone from an 18 hc to a 10 since i have been been using your methods . Thank you for sharing with us all your knowledge and tips , you made a hard game a lot easier . Regards jack.

  6. Thanks, v interesting swing for the driver. Will have a go as always disappointed with lack of power and have been trying to swing my hips more.

  7. Amazing video, Aimee! I've watched most of yours and had to refer back to this one yesterday because I started horribly slicing all my drives. I had gotten pretty accurate with my irons but my driver play was terrible. Re-viewing your video made me realize that I had started shifting my body left like with the irons.
    I have also been struggling with club speed. Nothing I could do would let me swing more than 90mph without crazy, out-of-control swinging. But again, you reminded me how to do the big, sweeping swing, throwing the club and suddenly I am able to swing 100+ mph!

    Thanks again. Your direct approach in your videos is really easy to understand and is helping me to really learn how to play in this tough first-year of golf. Keep up the great work!

  8. THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU!!!! I have been spending SO much time and money on the driving range trying to implement what I learned from my golf instructor to correct my slice and nothing has really helped until I watched this video and also your other video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hJAPRET0yo&t=263s). SERIOUSLY! My first time out on the range using your suggestions I was absolutely CRUSHING my drives straight down the middle with virtually no draw or fade! I was really beginning to think I had some sort of physical deformity that was preventing me from hitting a straight shot. I just had the best golf day EVER 😀 Thank you so much!!!!

  9. I'm impressed on how your lessons makes sense. I'm a sr golfer and plays low 80's in my younger days making the many mistakes you related. After my heart surgery, im about to give up. Now you gave me the motivation to play again. thank you so much.

  10. Been playing for 3 years and have always struggled with solid contact with the driver. Your explanation throughout the video was great and something I haven't really heard anyone else speak of anything similar. Can't wait to hit the range tomorrow and try to implement some of these things. Thanks! and keep up the videos

  11. I kind of worked this out myself, but I thought it was totally wrong, even though I hit better shots. Everyone has always told me the legs and hips go first and the arms last, but when I do that I get exactly the thing you described with the spinning hips and the club being thrown to the outside, resulting in a high weak fade or slice.
    Its just nice to know that I'm not all that wrong in standing flat-footed and belting it with my arms!

  12. Hi Aimee – I'm an 8 hdcp and I draw all my clubs except my driver. I've tried to experiment with my driver to hit a draw but nothing has worked so far but I will try your tip. I have 2 questions though, you state hit the driver off your back leg but how do you avoid a reverse weight shift? also, at the point of impact it looks like your hips are slightly turned to the target. Please clarify…going to try your tip soon. Thank you very much!!!!

  13. Best coach for me by far. Spot on advice conveyed in a way that is always easy to understand, including the shot demonstration. Excellent coaching in my opinion.

  14. Simply amazing. Love the simplicity of the instruction. Over the years, I basically gave up on teeing off with a driver. After watching this video, I played it over in my mind. First chance I got on vacation, I successfully drove consistently straight over 3 rounds of golf, surprising myself and my friends – No More Slice … Wow! So, after 15 years, I can finally carry (and use) a driver with confidence. Can't wait till summer.

    … next, to work on the "Swoosh".

    Thank you, Aimee!!!

  15. Great tip Aimee , I have seen this before a good while ago but forgot about it . I will bring it back into my game again , many thanks . You have a new follower now Aimee , I like your instruction very much .

  16. Hi Aimee I played today and my drives were great , I had the best round in a while . Many thanks , go girl .

  17. My golf has improved immensely Aimee but can you describe what I should be feeling in my core as I turn back and forward

  18. I gotta say Aimee, this was the first time I have ever heard this tips to get rid of a slice. And I it was brilliant, it makes perfect sense. Thank you.

  19. Wow, I've been playing for years without any lessons, watched every slice fix video I could, and this was what I was fundamentally doing wrong the entire time. Thank you.

  20. i think right now im ready to try anything, i can hit it 280 about but i keep slicing, i looked at other videos, and none of them mentioned keeping your hips still, but that may be why i havent gotten it down yet, so ill try it

  21. The most practical tutor on golf I have seen. Had lessons and not one professional has ever mentioned any of this. I still don't get it perfect. Im left-handed so it either works and goes dead straight or when it doesn't quite work I hit it left but it is still relatively a straight hit without the big curve. Aimee is definitely correct about swishing the club. Before hit any drive now I take a full swing and really try to feel the club head. I then make sure my drive replicates the practice swing and most of the times it works. Also as someone alluded earlier. Nice shorts

  22. Very good, I have bin working with all your lessons now for 3 months, and slowly slowly I am getting better.

  23. Excellent video!  Do you set up 50/50 weight  and keep it there throughout the swing?  Or when you coil do you have more weight on your right foot?

  24. this is hard to accomplish successfully. I always shift weight.like an iron. No matter how hard I try to keep back foot down.

  25. Aimee I have been hacking around golf courses for 35 years and this is the best single tip I have ever received in regards to straightening out my drives. Haven't gone out to the range to try it out yet, but with a weighted stick at work it felt great.

  26. Love the straightforward description of "throwing" the club through the ball and not shifting your weight until you've hit it. This really helped my drives. Thanks, Aimee!

  27. Aimee , I notice your right elbow is quite high , not a chicken wing but high. Is the sensation of staying back on the right foot associated with firing the right elbow as in skimming a pebble ? Cheers Gary

  28. GREAT VIDEO. She addresses "the why" and how to fix it better than the men instructors. This is life changing. THANKS Aimee. I sent this video to my friends.

  29. Hi Guys……it's Joe. I just discovered this lady and I can't stop watching her video instructions. She explains things in such a way that I totally connect and understand now, finally, what I should be doing. I've been playing for some time but I also know I'm missing the real deal. I can tell she's going to improve my game tremendously. Thanks Aimee and I'll be seeing a lot more of you.

  30. Hi Aimee, I've eagerily searched solution to cure my slice. I've tried so many tricks, but .. stabilize my legs and throw through is my new receipe. And it seems to work. I feel driver is again worth carrying in my golf bag.

  31. Aimee is amazing. I tell people all of the time she is my golf instructor! I watched her beginner videos (hitting with iron small swings), chipping and putting videos and it has helped me tremendously. Her explanations are so clear and the drills, even those without the club, are incredibly helpful.

  32. Still got a slice.. wondering how much power I should put in the downswing ? If I use full power I go far and slice, if I use half power I go straight and not far….

  33. I have watched hundreds of videos about slices and blocks with the drives. None explain how to fix the problem better than yours. Great lesson. Thank you

  34. I've been fighting a big slice for 2 years. I watched the other YouTube videos on fixing a slice including Hank Haney but this is by far the best. Thanks Aimee!

  35. OMG!!!! You are….you are amazing!!!! OMG this tip works….literally hit it straight 8 out 10 drives. This is going to change my game. I'm a 12 handicap…and now I will be single digits this year. I am a faithful follower from this day forward. You are AWESOME!!!!

  36. Aimee is just so pleasant to follow, and listen to. What a lovely person. I like the detail and understanding that she delivers in her lessons.

  37. Aimee, You are just brilliant! I have absolutely nothing to ask, just a comment. So the only important thing is the order of throw an slide? Sorry that was actually a question. With the driver throw first, then let it go (slide). With an iron slide first and then throw. Why did I not have a teacher like You? I do understand that there is much more to it but this is a good starting point.

  38. All the "experts" tell us to slide the hips well out of the way first. You are so right Aimee. and so cute.

  39. "You're basically going to use your abs for power which is kind of hard to understand because you probably never felt it before" such a good burn.

  40. This is the first time I am seeing an instructor link a slice to the right foot. Brilliant! Thanks, Aimee. Good job!

  41. You just save my life! I always had a natural draw, then all of a sudden I started to slice badly and never knew why! Off to the the driving range for me this morning! You are a great teacher!

  42. Been watching your series. You are so much better than other instructors I've had… Really appreciate the videos. Thank you!

  43. Thanks Aimee, slicing my drives has been such a huge problem I almost don't want to play golf anymore. I will definitely try your advice.

  44. Hi Amiee, I'm just wondering what do you think about Ben Hogan's idea that the driver swing begins with a shift of the hips toward the target? I LOVE your videos!

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