[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 020: Minimize side spins on your Driver!

[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 020: Minimize side spins on your Driver!

hi guys it’s Amy today I have prepared a driver lesson for those of you who struggle controlling the size Finn I’m going to help you hit it long and straight so I’m going to be talking about the takeaway a lot today takeaway is when you start the backswing the very first part of the backswing is called the takeaway so basically in the takeaway you’ve probably heard of one-piece takeaway your whole body your shoulders your hands and your club is supposed to travel kind of together to get into this eight o’clock position we all know what eight o’clock is right so if this is a o’clock right here this is twelve o’clock six o’clock when my left arm points at eight o’clock this is the eight o’clock position khloé supposed to be parallel to the ground parallel to the target so I put some sticks down on the ground to show you the correct path or the club head and my hands in the takeaway so let’s go ahead and look at this alright so I set up to the golf ball and the red stick shows which way the club is supposed to travel and the yellow stick here shows which way the hands travel in the beginning of the takeaway so if you take it away both of them stay on the stick and when you hit eight o’clock the club matches the yellow stick right and then I have prepared a handheld fan to show you the proper angles of the club face as well so if I set up with the hand fan in my hand like this so you see how the spin is pointing at the target and the coalface is also pointing at the target so when you take it back you see how the coalface points at the target as long as possible and then when it gets into the eight o’clock position it faces forward so let me show you from the front so the club face faces the target as long as possible and then faces front at eight o’clock if the club face points downward too much at eight o’clock you see how it’s shut you call that coffee shut and you will probably end up hitting it left or hook it and the other way around if the coalface is facing the sky too much is called opened and you will probably slice it a lot to the right I want you to understand how the clubhead clubface travels and which way your hands on the club it travels in the takeaway so a lot of amateurs watch pros on TV and when you watch the pros even though everything is moving together the body movement is so subtle it looks like their body isn’t moving at all so it looks like they’re doing it but they’re taking it back with their hands like this so a lot of amateurs tend to kind of not use the body at all and if the body decides not to turn rotate then your hands sometimes decide to rotate so you sometimes look like this or people start their takeaway rotating their hands you see how the club head got off that yellow red stick and the hands went off of that yellow stick as well it looks different than the previous takeaway I showed you so once the club head and the hands are off plane at 8 o’clock you’re probably gonna be way off as well and then it’s going to be really hard to get back down in the correct plane and hit is Square and impact another thing is if there are some people that don’t rotate the hands just but just lift like this same thing you still get off the plane right away hard to get back on plane on the way down so we really want to start the takeaway is very important if you want to eliminate any of your size spin alright so for in order for you to feel the one-piece takeaway it’s very simple you want to grab your driver a little short make sure the butt end of the grip you stick it in your belly button and then you set up like this you’re going to just go to 7 o’clock position you’re going to turn back like this and instead of using hands and shoulders to do it you want to use your thighs hips and abs to start rotating see how the body movement is very subtle you don’t really see it but you will feel everything moving together once you feel the togetherness let me go ahead and show you a drill you can do at the dry range okay it’s a simple drill what you’re going to do is I you the first part of the take away all the way to 8 o’clock you’re going to hit some golf balls with one third of a swing so you’re going to get to the correct date o’clock position and boom just hit it like that so you’re not trying to kill it it may go maybe 10 20 yards it won’t go anywhere you’re basically trying to start it on the correct plane and get it into that correct 8 o’clock position and then just make square contact with the golf ball it may be harder than it looks because if you tend to use a lot of hands in the takeaway a lot of people tend to just completely rift the ball with the 1/3 of a swing so imagine if you can’t make a square contact with a small swing like this if you make a full swing most likely you won’t hit it all that great right so we really want to do that drill I showed you feeling the one-piece takeaway using the same sensation you’re going to get into the correct 8 8 o’clock position and push the ball forward once you get used to starting on line and making score contact go up to gradually into a full swing and then once you start using your hands again you feel like it’s off plane go back to 1/3 of a swing again to try and really straighten out your takeaway I hope you’re able to follow along if you have any questions come visit me on my Instagram Facebook and website and I’ll see you guys in the next lesson you you

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  1. Stick with it! This is a good lesson. Once you master the one-piece takeaway using the body core, the rest comes easily. For me, starting the clubhead and hands back on the sticks for the first foot or so without using the hands or shoulders or any weight shift, just the body core, was critical.

  2. Here's this absolutely beautiful woman giving golf lessons. She's hot, great body, sexy and knows the game yet her videos don't have a "hit a sexy shot" lesson like Blair O'Neal.

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