Golf Tips: Hole #15 Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel

Golf Tips: Hole #15 Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel

We are here at the 15th hole at Lone Tree Golf
Club and Hotel this is our signature hole and our wedding hole lot of people getting
married come out here for pictures it is known for the view dog leg to the right downhill about 379 from
the tips but it is a risk reward hole its a great hole because its downhill you can
try to drive the green from back here but its an intimidating shot even if you are able
to clear the pine trees which are behind us because that’s the perfect line or play a
little cut around them the only problem is there is out of bounds and houses to the right
bunkers and deep rough in front of the green so depending on how far you can hit the ball
you can drive it me I just hit a long iron off the tee maybe even a hybrid down the fairway
leave myself a sand wedge or a pitching wedge in I made more birdies that way than I have
the other way so again ultimate risk reward just makes a great golf hole alright so I’m
sitting here right in the middle of the fairway I got a perfect angle into the pin about 123
yardage-wise to the middle so it’s about 130 to the flag little downhill so I’m just going
to hit a nice little easy pitching wedge here and try to get it close for a birdie oh alright
well I got a little wind gust on that one so went a little long so I’ve got my trusty
wedge 60 degrees try to flop this up in the air a little into the wind so it should be
a pretty easy shot well not as close as I wanted but it’s a pretty
straight putt so just got to line it up and make a firm stroke then just trust it baby well that’s hole #15 the way I would play it hit a great iron into the middle of the
fairway long on the pitching wedge but a good up and down there with my 60 degrees we made
a good putt so again risk reward on this hole I made a par just by hitting an iron off the
tee and a wedge if I hit driver who knows where I would have ended but again you
gotta play for yourself and try it a couple times to see what you can do but it’s just
a great golf hole.

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