Golf Swing Release: Throw golf Club to Target

Golf Swing Release: Throw golf Club to Target

Hey everybody. Terry here again with
and today we’re going to talk about the natural release you get when you rip the club properly
and you setup properly over the ball. Ernie Ellis did a press conference about a month
ago before one of the FedEx tournaments and they asked him what he’s working on this week
and basically Ernie just said, “I’m working on my grip and I’m working on my setup and
my posture.” Because see Ernie knows that you get those two right, everything else flows.
So how do we get to a natural release when our posture and our grip is right? Well, first
of all, to review our videos on grip and posture, go to the website,
and you’ll see videos just on the grip and posture. So we’re going to talk about the
release that we get from those two swing thoughts. So as I’m over the ball, the first thing you
want to understand is when you release the club, the release of the club isn’t at the
ball. See, a lot of people release at the ball, they come down, they release right here–
see, they’re trying to release right here. Well, that’s wrong. What you want to do is
you need to release toward your target, the release is out here. What’s going on down
here is your hands are leading over the ball, creating the lag of the club head and the
shaft. So when you’re here, you’re hand is over the ball, when you hit the ball, the
release happens out here. See, because what happens is the golf ball stays on this club
a fraction of a second; so as you’re coming into the ball, the ball’s hit, it rolls up
your club, the grooves, and then as soon as it does, your club is releasing out here,
OK? You’re not releasing– if you release at the ball, you’re just going to top it,
OK? There’s my two-second rendition of the physics of golf. Probably not that good, but
hey, I get results. So now we’re going to talk about release. Remember– I’m releasing
out here toward my target, OK? So as I look at at the fairway, I see, “OK, there’s my
target line, I’m over the ball,” and my thought process is on the takeaway you come down,
hands are going to be leading, I’m going to be in this position here, and then my club’s
going to release out here, OK? So let’s see what that looks like. So again, I’m over the
ball, gonna release out to my target. See what happens. See how my release flowed through?
OK? Very simple 7 iron. What about 180? Here again, I’m only working on the release. Again,
coming through; my arms are dropping, I’m right here. See, I’m not here– see, I’m not
releasing here, see? Coming through– boom. Hit the ball, I’m releasing out here. Now,
like I said, when your grip is right and your posture is right, that release happens automatically.
So let’s see what we’ve got here. I’m over the ball. See, so I’m releasing here and the
ball is taking off there, OK? Remember– do not release at the ball. So we’re here, over
the ball. So I’m releasing, the ball goes straight, the club hits it, I release that,
OK? I’m Tierney again. Check out our other videos at You’ll
see head position, footwork– all that good stuff on how you can straight balls through
the fairway just like that, OK? I’ll see yo on the next video. Uploaded 3-27-16 Views #

12 thoughts on “Golf Swing Release: Throw golf Club to Target

  1. Excellent video. I would love to see a video or two on use of the driver. I hit my irons well, but when I use the driver it seems like it affects the rest of my game in a negative way. At this point I only use a 3 or 5 Fairway wood off the tee. Thanks.

  2. I have a question regarding the release because of what I've been feeling in my swing.  

    Watching your swing, when you simply drop or carry, (just holding on) the club down to just above your right knee….from that point forward, do you feel as if you are pretty much squaring the clubface with your turn?

    I'm asking this because with the way I am swinging now, I feel I am doing nothing active with my hands….or arms for that matter.  (Its so hard to describe feelings accurately!!!)

    What it feels like is that there is no active wrist cock, yet when I get to the top of my swing it is there, from the top I allow everything to drop…it feels as if my hands are just holding the club…..that is all, then once the club gets to "the hitting zone", it STILL feels as if I am just holding on all the way through with the turn itself actually bringing the clubface into the ball.

    I wish I had a video camera so that I could show what I'm trying to say.  

  3. Terry, thanks so much for your videos.  These simple tips are just amazing.  I am 70 years old and have never seen such an easy explanation of the golf swing as a whole.  No concocted positions.  I had a decent golf swing when I was younger and had not taken any lessons other than how to grip the club and setup.  Too much information is very detrimental. The more I tried to improve my swing, the more jerky and off balance my swing became.  You instruction is a breath of fresh air.

  4. Great reminder/explanation Terry! It's so easy for us amateurs to get caught up in swinging "at" the ball and not "through" the ball.

    Oh and love the sound of compression you get from those shots you hit!

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