Golf Downswing : Gravity drops the club not you!!

Hey everybody. Terry Bradley here again with
the Simple Swing Thoughts Golf Academy and today we’re going to talk about down swing.
Now the down swing of a golf swing happens after your back swing. So as you take the
club back, as it gets to the top, it’s the down swing now that we’re focusing on, trying
to get that club into place, trying to get that club out in front of us so we can put
a nice lag on the golf ball, OK? So remember, when we come on the down swing, take the club
back and as it hits the top and it starts coming down, we want it to drop naturally
in front of us. We don’t want to pull it, we don’t want to cast it. Now, when we talk
about casting, I know a lot of people teach that the casting is the club coming out here
and they over-exaggerate it. But to be honest with you, casting is that, too, but it’s the
very slight movement. See, I casted that club right there, see? So let’s not think that
we’re doing this– that’s just an over-dramatization. I bring the club back, if I move it just a
hair, now I’ve cast it, OK? It’s got to drop naturally into place, see? See it’s got to
come right down into place where your shaft is now parallel to the ground on line with
your target line, so when it hits the ball it’s parallel in the follow-through. So let’s
think about that for a second. When we get to the top of our back swing, we want to let
gravity take over and just drop it into place, OK? Like I said, we don’t want to pull it,
we don’t want to come under here. So we get to the top of our back swing, and it just
drops into place, OK? Again, and it’s a very simple motion to when you get here, see? And
then it just drops into place. So we’re over the ball, club comes back, club drops into
place and you don’t have to think about hitting the ball because the ball will just get in
the way. Because on your down swing, when you release the club, you release the club
out here. You don’t release the club down here at the ball. Again, it’s a natural draw
back. So the ball gets in the air down the fairway without you having to pull, without
you having to tug, without you having to lift, OK? Again, on the back swing– I mean on the
down swing, it’s one motion– comes back, the ball comes down right in place. So remember
when it gets here let gravity do its work. Just have it drop, just drop it right here.
I’m going to do one more for you because it’s very important because you could have a good
setup, a good takeaway, a good grip and everything; but if you don’t let that club just drop,
then it’s difficult to get that club back online. Now we have two simple swing thoughts
here at Simple Swings that puts you automatically in these positions to get your club where
it needs to go, OK? But here we’re just talking about the down swing. So as I setup the club
with my grip and my posture, OK? I’m just going to let the club drop into place. See,
the club just whipped through because it just dropped; it just came straight down my line,
see? Just boom– just straight down my line. OK? So practice that. Go to our other videos
at and you’ll see other things as far as head position, footwork,
how to keep this left leg stable coming through the ball, how to keep your lower body stable
to get that whip that you’re looking for on all your golf swings, OK? I’m Terry and I’ll
see you on the next video. Uploaded 3-27-16 Views #

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