Golf Course Etiquette : Anger Management on the Golf Course

Golf Course Etiquette : Anger Management on the Golf Course

Hi, I’m Rich Carr from Meadia Heights Golf
Club in Lancaster, Pa on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to talk with you about
anger management on the golf course today. As you can see here, I have a shot. I’m
going to go ahead and try to hit this onto the green. Oh, and I’ve hit a bad shot into
the bunker. Now it’s only natural to be upset with yourself. Some of the things that
you definitely want to avoid are throwing your club, you could cause both yourself and
your playing partners very serious harm throwing clubs. Certainly don’t want to raise your
voice on the golf course at any time. Its just very important, now I’m going to tell
you kinda how I deal with this when I hit a bad shot. I might just collect myself a
little bit, take a deep breath, before I hit my next shot, try to erase the memory of the
bad shot and then just go ahead into the bunker here and hit the shot. So I’m nice and calm
now, I’m just going to hit the best shot I can here, as you can see I didn’t hit
the best shot there either. But I’m just going to collect myself. And golf is a lot
like life. It’s very important to manage your anger, business, at home. So I’m going
to collect myself again, do the same thing, deep breath, try to hit the best shot that
I can.

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  1. I would have gone ape shit if I missed that easy shot over the bunker, that's why they call it golf, because fuck and shit were already taken.

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