Golf Club Review | Callaway X12 and X14 Irons

Golf Club Review | Callaway X12 and X14 Irons

Years ago when I was a kid I used to love
walking into the golf shops and have a rummage around the pre-owned sets to see what i could
find. Now, many years later, I’ve been rummaging around the Golfbidder Store and dug out these
Callaway X-12s. And after all these years, thousands of clubs, new technology, it’s really
refreshing to take something like the X-12s out again and try them out on the range. But
what’s amazing is that perform as good as almost every other iron out there. I know
manufacturers will bombard you with terms like co-efficient of restitution, moment of
inertia, resistance to twist, kick points but really these irons set the mould, broke
the mould and set the standard for everyone else. The X-12s and X-14s, that came out afterwards,
are very similar. I have an X-14 here and an X-12, very little difference between them.
Loads of offset, maybe a little less offset in the X-14 which came out after the X-12s.
At the hosel here, a little less pronounced, a lot smoother on the X-14s. It’s got the
short straight hollow hosel that Callaway patented where the shaft goes all the way
through the head. Means the hosel is shorter and means that weight can be transferred all
the way round the outside of the club to make it more stable. Sits beautifully behind the
ball and it goes as good as any iron out there. So if you’re in the market for an iron set
and you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money but still want to get a good, honest
set of irons the X-12s or X-14 from Callaway, were ground breakers at the time, and the
wont let you down all these years later. That’s the X-12 and X-14 irons from Callaway on Golfbidder.

10 thoughts on “Golf Club Review | Callaway X12 and X14 Irons

  1. Have same opinion as You, I have since many years X12 in my bag, very good clubs still.!
    Golf Digest tested them and find them extream easy to hit good shots, so why spend monney on new clubs?

  2. I bought the x12s new in 1998…still play them today.  These are an extension of my arms.    Every year I would try the new and improved irons that claim to add up to 5 yards to your game.   If my math is correct, Today I should be hitting my 7 iron 250 yards…but no…still hit my 7 iron 170 yards with my x12s and  170 yards with the latest greatest technology. Probably saved 20,000 dollars staying away from all the marketing hype over the last 16 years.

  3. Play with x12's for yrs, tried new stuff, callaway set the standard with this manufacturing run! Over the yrs changed grips Size, etc but clubs r just plain good.

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