Gary Thorne Hockey Calls NHL 2

Shot by Lidstrom was blocked into the corner Fedorov will win the faceoff Fedorov 10 of 24 on the draws in the first (game) They Score! Both teams changing it up here Osgood; that one runs wide Shot on Deflected Score! Peter Bondra! Squeezed up by Berube; attempted clear not out of the zone held in; to the point save made Osgood; rebound Score! Osgood kicked the rebound out deep Simon, who was hanging in that low dot High flip knocked down at center Here’s the break in; Oates Shot Score! Adam Oates! Washington Capitals power play opportunity again Short-handed 2 on 1; Murphy in the middle Yzerman looking, Yzerman Scores! A short-handed goal, Steve Yzerman! Housley; Juneau one-timer Osgood knocked it down, rebound side of the net; Adam Oates rebound Juneau Score! Joey Juneau! As Washington took advantage of Detroit chasing it around And just like that they’re back on top again by 2 at 4-2 going right Fetisov shot blocked Shot, Score! Martin Lapointe! Juneau blocking the pass by Brown Oates does not get it out Brown shot Score! x2 He’s tied the game! Dougie Brown! Unbelievable! right on the doorstep Shanahan blocked it; Martin Lapointe Centered, shot Score! Kris Draper! Wesley back, waits for his teammates to clear Onside with it Vašíček scores! Josef Vašíček! Period The shots continue at 8-8 Centered; shot Score! Clement: Wow Hull on the interception and Igor Larionov ties it! Clement: bringing it a little bit here now; stepping it up Here’s a step up Shot O’Neill Scores! Jeff O’Neill! (it sits) there in the circle Yzerman credited with the win Wrister; far side Score! period; they won another one there but they do not clear dumped down low; 2 on 1 Score! Now Philadelphia’s got the big boys out there From the point shot, deflected rebound; score! and the big boys put it home! Handzus, 1-1 Clement: can’t afford new ones That’s right Backhanded Modin that one blocked Modin again; rebound Score! Brad Richards! He’ll dump it in wide of the net for a rebound; shot save; Dingman Scores! Clement: out there on the Keith Primeau line Pitkanen did not have a good first game of this series at a -2 Khabibulin Score! Moved in on him, Ragnarsson on the nearside open; top of the circle blast Score! Redirected in front! (big) slash by Primeau on Martin St. Louis which creates an odd-man shot, score! Afanasenkov moved it into the middle oh no (?) shot, score! Timander! Clement: (Eric) Desjardins broke his arm with the same kind of hit from Roenick Stillman scores! Just in over the blueline! dumped in; onside Fedotenko shot Score! Trying to move it in Corey Sarich, hit the wall as he went by him shot deflected Score! They are right back in it! Here’s Lecavalier Vinny Lecavalier Scores! Lecavalier comes right back! (over) the 3 power plays total Back into the middle drop, shot Score! (here) in the first are amazing Here’s Timander Shot, Khabibulin Score! Deflected in! 2 on 1 opportunity; Gagne is in the middle Here’s Primeau Primeau shot Scores!

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