Fun Things to do with Small Kids | Murrieta CA

Fun Things to do with Small Kids | Murrieta CA

What kind of things are there to do with
small kids in the Murrieta area? That’s what we’re talking about today and we
are starting right now! Hi, Jessica Genung here with Realty One Group Southwest. If
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because I talk about all sorts of cool stuff Murietta and Temecula Valley
related. The Murietta and Temecula Valley is well known as a safe and
family-friendly area. We have high ranking schools, well planned out
neighborhoods with large homes, perfect for growing families. Today I’m going to
be telling you about a few things to do with younger kids. I’m talking
toddler age and preschool age. There are many things to do with older kids in
this area as well but that’ll be another video for another day. The first place I
recommend is Peltzer Winery. They’re in the neighboring city of Temecula. In my
opinion, they’re the most family-friendly winery currently, they have lots of
events that include activities for kids. I’m gonna tell you about just a few of
these events as examples, but keep an eye on their calendar for more. Coming up
later this month is their Pumpkin Farm. It’s a six-week
event on the farm and it attracts families from all over Southern
California and beyond. At the farm you’ll find a variety of pumpkins ,gourds, train
rides, pony rides, face painting, carnival games, a petting
zoo, gem panning and pig races. So that is the Pumpkin Farm. In the spring, they have
an event I highly recommend called Spring Social which takes place around
Easter time. It’s a two-day event and has great stuff for kids and also us adults
too. For kids they have photos with the Easter Bunny, they have
John Deere mini carts, oh my gosh my boys absolutely love these and they
have train rides as well. With all this family activity it’s easy for you to
forget that you’re at a winery. So for us adults they have food trucks ,they have a
makers market, they have live music in the evening and wine of course! Like I
said, keep an eye on their calendar because other events come up such as
this Friday they’re having a family Movie Night where I believe they’re
showing the Toy Story movie. This one is free and popcorn and snacks are
available for purchase. I’ve included a link down below in my description to
their website where you can find out more information. My next recommendation
is gonna be The Little Red Barn Indoor Playground. It’s an adorable family-owned
business. Myself and my mommy friends love The Little Red Barn because it’s
clean and there are a lot of activities for kids. The day I was there filming they
happen to be having a big group event for Mommy Fit so this is the busiest
that I’ve ever seen it, but typically it’s a much calmer environment for small
kids compared to some of the other indoor kids playgrounds in the area that
can be a little chaotic, if you know what I mean.
Little Red Barn has open play with lots of toys. You can have birthday parties
there and they have daily classes for kids such as music class, dance class,
yoga, storytime and crafts. Last time we were here at the Little Red Barn my son
Joshua loved dressing up in this Fireman costume, which is ironic because we just
had a huge fire near our house and evacuated, but all is well now thanks for
to the awesome Firefighters. So also near the playground entrance they have a shop
with Melissa and Doug toys galore. If you want the hours of this business and the
latest pricing information I’ve included a link to their website in the
description below. So the next fun thing to do in the area with small kids is to
take them to the splash pad. There are two public splash pads in the area.
The first is at Margarita Community Park which is a public park in the
neighboring city of Temecula. This one is a little closer to our home and right
near my office near the Promenade Mall. The kids love the splash pad and there
are two playgrounds, one for smaller kids and one for larger kids that happen to
be right next to the splash pad. There is hours worth of fun here. We have been
going there on a weekend recently and another thing that I really like is they
have a couple of city employees that are assigned to keep an eye on things. They
have emergency equipment with them as well God forbid they ever need it but
it’s a really nice reassurance. They also patrol the community park and I see them
periodically testing the water as well. The other splash pad is at Canyon Hills
Park. This one is north of Murietta in Canyon Hills and is a huge 18 acre
community park with a nice splash pad and playground as well. Both of these
splash pads are free. The last place I’m going to tell you
about in the area with activities for young kids is in the Promenade Mall in
Temecula. I recommend going there on those days when it’s too hot to play
outside or too rainy because it’s an indoor mall there is a kids play area
where parents can relax on benches while the kids play on the toys and it’s
semi-enclosed. There are also train rides where a uniformed conductor drives them all
around the upper level. My boys absolutely love this. These are just a
few of the fun things to do with small kids in Murrieta. If you happen to be a
mom of small kids and you live in the Murrieta area, or you’re planning on
moving to this area, I have a couple of mommy groups that I would be happy to
recommend to you. These groups you can meet other moms in the area and they
scheduled play dates and they are lots of fun. I’ve met a lot of great people
through them so just shoot me an email. My contact info is down below and I’ll
be happy to get you over the info on those groups. Also, if you are considering
moving to the Murrieta area you might also be interested in my video Murietta
Pro’s and Con’s where I talk about what I love and what I hate about living in
the area. I’m going to post a link to that video right up there. As always
thanks so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe! bye

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  1. I live in San Diego, and have to say the Murrieta/Temecula area is beautiful! I didn't know there were so many activities that were so kid friendly. I may need to head up there next month with my grandkids for the pumpkin farm at Peltzer Winery, thank you for sharing!

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