Flirting & My Stories

Flirting & My Stories

I promised you a flirting animation in the last video, so here you go. BURPITY BURRRR Big shocker…I don’t like it. *Chuckle* I’m assuming you all guess, based on my personality, That I’m not one to partake in (SEDUCTIVELY) “swooning” someone over with charming words of flattery…. I don’t think I have ever flirted in my entire life, come to think of it. Okay, well, I did this one time by accident, but I-I’ll get to that later on. I’m more of a, “Make someone feel good and just, overall let them know I care about them” kind of person. (=‐ω‐=) I have no courage to do anything else. All I can imagine is me just trying to approach someone, being like, “Hey there” ……… (what da) “I have a girlfriend………” “OH MY GOD! SAME!” “We have so much in common!” (not realy) … :I *D E E P I N H A L E* ._. Agh, O F F” And even if I somehow got past the initial “flirty introduction”, My low small talk skills won’t get me very far with anything anyway. Okay, so, the first time I ever tried to be a “confident flirty person” or whatever was with this one friend I had. I liked them at the time and we hung out a lot. And one time, we were just sitting on their bed, just chillin’ and talkin’. Just buds being buds. And my mind just starts going, “Okay, you’ve never done anything close to flirting in your entire life. Who even are you? Get your crap together,” “Just do something, let’s go, jeez, c’mon-” I basically bullied myself into submission, which, I didn’t even know was possible, but, congrats to me, I guess. 😀 I peer pressured myself without any peers. So, we were just talking and I just, wrapped my arm around them. Like, with no warning. They were just mid sentence and I was like, ANGH And I IMMEDIATELY regretted it. Like okay – no this is not what i want anymore, why did i convince myself to do this. I’m – god dangit! Cutting the story short, we just remained friends, and, honestly, I’m glad we did. I realized that I prefer this person much more as a friend and I’m glad we didn’t start a relationship. If anything, we just become closer as pals. They are literally, one of my best friends now. They also watch my videos, soo, hey You’re probably expecting me to say this is awkward, but you’re wrong! BUT YOU’RE WRONG!>:D WE’RE BEST FRIENDS! *swag intensifies* Sorry! you can’t laugh at my self-deprecation this time! HA! Just a side tangent, I don’t understand why people just stop talking to someone just because they don’t share mutual feelings with them. like ok so.. You like someone enough to possibly consider starting a closer relationship, Which means, You already enjoy their company, personality and overall, them as a person. And just because they don’t share the same romantic feelings back, you all of a sudden, don’t want to associate with them anymore? That makes absolutely NO sense. Minus the relationship, you two sound like you could’ve had a freagin’ BOMB friendship. Since you theoretically should be able to get along perfectly, I mean, if you consider them as an adequate possible partner, I dunno, it just doesn’t make sense to me. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh unless you’re a douche bag and only like that person for their looks and nothing else. Another part to flirting is, The texting, the messaging, the sliding in the dms-ing. And I don’t really do that either, but I have something to say about it. So, I guess I understand why you would want to wait a few minutes to text someone back, because you don’t wanna seem clingy or something. But, why do people wait, like, more than ten minutes? That’s such a waste of time! And it kinda comes off that you don’t really care that you’re talking to them. Which is the opposite of what you’re feeling. Why can’t we show when we appreciate someone anymore? Also, I know people who want to text someone they like as little as possible, because, I dont know. They’ll almost make it a competition to try and leave the conversation first. They’ll almost make it a competition to try and leave the conversation first. Like, “Congrats! You win on finding a way to make them be the last to text in your conversation!” “You know what your prize is?” “Not getting to talk to the person you wanna talk to!” Putting it that way doesn’t make it seem all that appealing, does it? So now I’m sure you’re wanting me to tell you stories that make me kind of die a bit inside, but provide you with entertainment. (Sarcastically Enthusiastic) Let’s start with awkward first date, shall we? (Sarcastically Enthusiastic) Let’s start with awkward first date, shall we? During my junior year of high school after our homecoming dance, My group of friends and I wanted to go bowling, because, fun. I didn’t have a date. Obviously. At the bowling place, next to our lane, were a group of people around the same age as us. And, out of the blue! One of my friends just goes, “HEY! WILL YOU GUYS TAKE A PICTURE WITH US SO IT LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE DATES!?” (Silence) “RACHEL!” So, we took pictures with these random people, And the one that was my date- “date” was like, “Heh, you should send that to me.” And me being freagin’ innocent and clueless, just goes, “Okay!” “Wait, I don’t have your number.” “wait” “did I just…” “how did I do that?” So blah blah blah I had this persons number now, And I was like, “Oh yeah, I totally meant to be all smooth like that.” To my friends. But, in reality. Ehh, technically, uh, NAH I have no idea what I’m doing. 😀 They end up asking me to the movies and I was like, “ok” But my parents didn’t want me to go alone, so they made me invite Kate and her boyfriend at the time to go as a double date. So we all go to the movies, and since I literally don’t know anything about this person, we didn’t know what to talk about. The whole time. It was all just, “flop” conversations like, “So how was your day?” “Good, how about you?” “Good.” “What’s your favorite color?” uuhbtt AAUGHH It was really… UUUUUUGH I can’t, uhbbt. auggh. It was, scarring. Like, I’m serious, I will never accept any movie invitations unless it’s with close friends or family. All that comes to my mind when I think about movie theaters are just, flashbacks… Like, I don’t wanna relive that! I already lived through it once. That’s quite enough. No more please. So that story wasn’t too bad, just awkward tension- COME ON LET’S BUMP IT UP A BIT! Awkard first kiss! (Oh dear god) so hey my first date was with someone i literally didn’t know you think i’d learn my lesson and would kinda get to know someone before i accepted date invetations, right? W R O N G (hint i’m bad at saying no to people) Also, this is my second date ever. Just putting that fact out there. During my freshman year in college, this person invited me to go on a date, and yeaah, I didn’t know them either. like at all. I’VE LEARNED MY LESSON NOW, OKAY!? We meet up and decide to eat at a restaurant, and heyo, I’ll save some time just by saying, It was going VERY similar to my first date. EXPOSITION TIME! My college has this mountain near it called, “A mountain” and people liked to hike it. Well, I- umm, it’s really not even a hike, more like, walking up at a mild angle. So we wound up walking up “A Mountain” and sitting on a rock platform at the top. And we continued attempting at a normal conversation *not really succeeding.* At one point they put their arm around me Come to think of it, all these stories are kind of coming full circle and I never realized and I’m kinda freaking out And I kinda start just panicking to myself. *Okay, I see where this is going, but I don’t know if I want to end up kissing them.* *Like, I literally know nothing about this person- AGAIN* *And I haven’t kissed anyone yet, what is even happening right now? Oh golly jeez* And all of a sudden, they grab my face and turn it towards them And I’m going, *I SEE WHAT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN BUT CRAP I DON’T KNOW IF I WANNA KISS THEM YET!* “Oh, well I ran out of time.” So anyone who just happens to take a date up to the top of “A Mountain” and sit on the platform thing, You’ll be sitting on the same spot I accidentally got kissed by someone. And if you’re there, Take a picture and tweet it at me. I’d say preferably if you guys kissing but that’s kind of weird, and I mean, unless you want to. This last story isn’t really about flirting or dates, but I think it’s kinda funny. I was hanging out with an ex-friend, and we were walking along our colleges main strip, It’s a street called “Mill” and it’s got a bunch of stores and restaurants along it. And just because I like how all these stories are kinda connecting, the restaurant first kiss and I went to was on this strip too. We sat down at a bench outside a shop and these two passersby go, “Awwww, relationship goals.” as they walk into the shop. We kinda looked at each other and laughed and just kept talking. Then, a few minutes later, the same people left the store and walked by us again and were like, “so how long have you guys been together?” And we were like, “Et-Umm” Like, we froze. And after a bit, I just go, “He’s gay.” Their faces were like, *INHALE* “WE MADE A MISTAAAAAAAKE” So, moral of the video, don’t overthink relationship stuff or dates or kissing or whatever you’re overthinking. If you like someone, tell them. If you want to date someone, ask them. If you wanna kiss someone, give them more thinking time before you yank their head at your face. Just be cool about it all If you can’t be a couple, then show the world how BOMB you guys are as friends! ALSO! SUPER SPECIAL SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m gonna try and whip up a video explaining this a bit more, but basically, THERE’S BEEN A REVAMP TO THE SHOP! A bunch of new merch stuff but more importantly, PLUSHES! YEP-YAHP! There is Jaiden plushes, just, AWAITING YOUR PURCHASE NOW. More details in the official announcement video. But if you’re still here, that means you have early access to the new Jaiden merch.>:D I highly suggest checking that stuff out especially since everything’s on sale for a limited time right now WUUUUUUUUUUUT Anyway, new shop, go peep it out and yeah UUUUHHHH JAIDEN OUT! *hah*

100 thoughts on “Flirting & My Stories

  1. i already know what you guys are gonna say and no, none of these stories are about james so you can take off your detective hats thankyaverymuch

  2. I feel like it should be pointed out that most people probably cut off contact with people that don't return their feelings is because it would be painful to continue associating with them. That longing could be present forever, and a constant source of pain. Also, it's frequently the one that doesn't feel anything romantic that breaks things off because it's awkward afterward. Chances are people aren't being dicks. They have an instinctual understanding of the situation, and are protecting themselves.

  3. Me: oh, hello!
    Boy: Back off I have a girlfriend!
    His gf: WhAt aRe YoU TrYiNG tO dO!?
    Me: we are dating!
    His gf: you’re cheating!?
    Me to dat boy: right back at you buckaroo

  4. im a shy ah akward person so yeah i don't have much friendly interactions and i spent more time alone that with people, im surprise how youre available to have bst friend while youre no that much social and me who social a bit more thenyou (i think anyway) has even more dificulty making friends even hanging oput wiht people, yeah im much of a introvert kind of guy

  5. Yeah it'd be dumb to just stop hanging with that person if there wouldn't be the Fact that loving someone without these Feelings getting returned can hurt so fucking badly that it….. DeStRoYs YoU fRoM tHe InSiDe
    In that case please leave her/his side for some time

  6. Omg I get shipped with all my guy friends so often because the majority of my friends are frickin guys. For now on, i’ll Jaiden’s ways, and suddenly scream,

    ”he’s gay”

  7. Y just discovered this channel and I'm so glad that you have so many subs. Good animation and good content.
    Thank you for all the effort, animation is bitch… but you make it rock lml

  8. 2:04 It’s not because of the fact that you once liked them. It’s because rejection primes a neurological response to become upset, and that person is now only associated in the mind with rejection. So, every time you see that person, unless the “yeah we shouldn’t have ever thought of dating” is completely, HONESTLY mutual, one person will always have a feeling of hurt every time they see the other, even if they don’t say anything about it.

  9. As someone who's stayed close friends with an ex after a breakup, it takes a loooot more to get over the romantic feelings if you're still hanging out with them. Still seeing all the things that made you fall for em in the first place. So I don't really blame anyone who, after being rejected, just gets the foop out so they can move on and develope closeness with someone else! ^^

  10. Girls doesn't need flirting,just say what you want and you'll blow the guys mind. Every guy who is your friend our not,already though about kissing you.

  11. hears A- mountain
    Probably somewhere else
    talks about the Mill Ave Strip
    I've seen like two of your videos. Fun to have a fellow Arizonan.

  12. While at the fair when I was about 17, I saw these plushie huskies as a prize at one of the booths. Forgetting my surroundings entirely, I veer right over (with not enough money to play the game) and lean over the counter and say "Oh, you have such beautiful eyes!" To the side, I hear a guy go, "Why, thank you!" I snap back to reality to realize there's a person behind the counter but I flat out did not notice him initially. All I could think to do was to cover my face and slink away, lol!

    Another incident that day also made me really proud of myself. I was waffling on whether to go on a ride where you're strapped into a cage that is tossed in circles while the arms of the ride also spin. It was rather intimidating for me as the ride went up pretty high. Ahead of me in the line, a guy and his friends were pairing off to go on the ride. Each cage seated two. Finding himself without someone to sit with, the guy suddenly asks me. He seemed about my age but wasn't someone from my school. 17 year old me found him quite cute but…that ride though. I decided that while I might've been missing out on an opportunity, I decided to say no.

    I did go on that ride later on with a friend from school, the only other person who I could chat with about anime (and back in those days, Inuyasha was highly popular. A guy that liked Inuyasha, what madness was this?!). I had much more fun with him than the awkwardness I probably would've felt with the other guy. It made me feel proud because I didn't do something I wasn't ready for just because some cute guy asked me.

  13. I never realized how important it was to get to know someone before going further in a relationship until adulthood. For example, I enjoy anime and spent most of my life realizing I was an outcast for it. You'd think it'd be a match made in heaven to find someone else who also likes anime, right? Oh, how wrong I was. That's a nice starting point but if that's the only thing you and the other person have in common (or insert whatever your hobby is), your relationship is going to crash and burn very quickly. In my case, I realized people have more layers than what we present at surface level. I like anime but I don't like mecha, harem or isekai anime. That's just a small example. I don't like cooking but I will cook to ensure I feed myself. The other person…absolutely willing to eat (so long as it contained no vegetables…this would come back to bite him in the ass), but not cook :/

    Also, texting each other instead of actually talking probably isn't a great idea either. Text sometimes, sure. But when all of your conversations are held in writing, it can make you less prepared for actually speaking to that person, making in-person encounters awkward and foreign. You've not heard this person's voice too much, you've not heard their real reactions to things, just read them on a phone. So, texting is fine, but don't be like me and try to make it the primary mode of conversation. Make sure to get a healthy amount of real talk in.

  14. Ya I was dating this girl and it literally took her over 24 hrs to respond to each text
    I always had to ask her to go out and by e time she responded she never would be free
    This affected our relationship and eventually I broke up w her
    She wasn’t a bad girlfriend, she was just bad at being a gf

  15. The reason some people do not continue to talk to people they have feelings for is because it would hurt them too much to "Just be friends" with that person or to see them with someone else. Sure you want them to be happy but being friends with someone you love hurts. It hurts a lot.

  16. I agree I wish people would just be honest about how they feel and talk to the person when they wanna talk to them, instead of putting as much time in between messages. It is stupid, very stupid. I try not to associate with people who are not honest about how they feel or what they want.

  17. Me :with my friend(who is a girl)
    Random person:awwww what a cute couple
    Me:Cryz in gayy
    My friend:nope he gay
    Me:gay panic about what's gonna happen next

  18. Speaching of douche bags my dad thought it was funny to name him self Pvt.DoucheCanoe on twitch twitter and on you tube and added a YT AT THE END OF HIS you tube channel and I just noticed I caps locked it frick

  19. Gotta say, miss with all due respect and courtesy, I love your voice. It sounds cute and innocent. I could listen to it all day I think.

  20. The other problem with unreturned feelings on the other person's end… I have a friend, I really care about, as a FRIEND, he is nice and I like doing crafts with him. BUT I AM NOT INTO GUYS. But he keeps hitting on me, flirting and sending me sexual messages and pictures.

  21. Great video! I do have something to add, tho. Regarding cutting off someone who doesn’t reciprocate one’s feelings, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to at least get some distance between oneself and them as nothing hurts more than love that isn’t mutual.

  22. Me-hang u wanna hang out?
    Friend-oh sure where?
    Me-lets meet at A Mountain
    Friend-ok which one?
    Me-A Mountain
    Friend-WHICH ONE
    Friend-I'm busy maybe next time

  23. Just a small aside, hanging around the person that you're interested in can be difficult if they aren't also interested. It's not always easy to just drop your feelings and maintain the same type of friendship that you and that person had, which can lead to that friendship having a bit more distance

  24. I know where those places are, Also had my own super awkward "date" on Mill Ave, it was so cringe, mainly because I was not aware it was a date, and she … wouldnt stop being mad at me (I later found out it was cause I wasn't acting like we were on a date, that I didnt know we were on).

  25. 2:30
    well there was a girl who I liked and I eventually told her I liked her and I got rejected pretty harshly
    there isn't much room to make a friendship out of that

  26. the rejection makes them feel like every thing that they do is being judged and feel that there are alternative motivivation for the things that they do. they project this feeling onto the other person so they feel horrible about themselves in the situation. I know that this does not apply to everyone I have ex's that friends one of my best friends is someone who turned me down

  27. You have PTSD from that Cinema awkward date moment.
    (Note: I can make this joke, I have PTSD, other people without PTSD that make PTSD jokes are really insensitive towards other people With PTSD)

  28. Some people are confident and flirt. Some people are more timid and wait to be asked. I however try to be only friends and if someone does try to flirt with me, I’ll be very cold to them. It’s like I temporarily lose the ability to feel. Does anyone relate or am I just heartless

  29. My best friend told my crush I like her and she said to me "I kind of figured that" "oh…ok" and she has said nothing else to me about it and we are still friends and now I'm looking what to get her for Christmas

    Why did you read all of this stupid post about a bi girl

  30. 1:55 Answer to the tangent: Once you become attracted to a person, it is difficult to not see them romantically. It hurts emotionally to be around someone who doesn't reciprocate your feelings, and thus becomes tiring to be around them. The attraction you have for them is not some checkbox on a list of characteristics. Of course it's easy to keep being friends with someone, if you only ever saw them as a friend.

  31. Regarding not being friends with someone you like, I had more things in common with my ex than I have probably had with anyone else in my life. But having moved onto a real relationship with her, and even had sex, I couldn't possibly think of her anymore as only a friend, without being reminded of my romantic feelings for her. She really wanted us to remain friends, but really, what would that make me? A friend with benefits? No thanks… 🙁

  32. One time I went to the movies with a guy I liked, and a friend. The guy I liked sat in the middle and was "touching my hand" more and more throughout the terrible (but apparently really funny) movie. I was so terrified and excited that I didn't move an inch the whole time. I tried shifting in my seat to reciprocate but felt something sludgy under my bum.

    First thought: ohmigosh my period has started but I don't want to move.
    Second thought: ohmigosh how the hell am I going to get out of here with out him or the other guy seeing

    So I sat there, still, silent, in cold sweats.

    The movie ends and I get up and let the two of them out in front of me. And of course his dad is driving me home. Trying to hide my butt was the most awkward thing… ughh.
    Anyways so I get home, run down to the laundry room, strip off my favourite pair of tight bell-bottom jeans (now I'm really putting an age on myself) and AHA!! I was sitting in a pile of GUM that some shithead had left on the seat. Warm, sticky bubblegum.

    I lost a good pair of jeans that day.

  33. After my breakup I have been overthinking it so much! What I could have done differently! Whats wrong with me! But in my case atleast she doesnt have that kind of feelings for me anymore! And after a while I just thought to myself It's better that she is a part of my life atleast so now we are on our way to becoming great friends again! Great video

  34. Since you were curious:
    Stopping talking with someone because they don't share mutual feelings with someone is simple.
    Please don't insinuate that only douche-bags would do it, or generalize it.
    I can't speak for everyone, but in my case, it makes sense. Put simply, it's liking them too much.

    So, there was this girl I got to know really well over the course of many group hang outs and parties. She and I had chemistry and I really really got to care for her, and was crushing hard after just a few weeks. Eventually this crushing came to a boiling point where I really just craved her attention and affections and wanted to be around her, but was too shy to get myself there. Like, I just wanted to hug her and kiss her and tell her what she means to me.. We were pretty flirty, but nothing actually super serious — And since we only hung out in group events, I wasn't about to try and go there.
    Instead I would start to kinda hurt inside seeing her be really friendly with other guys. You could call it jealousy, but it was more of my own affections burning up inside because I can't give them to her, and seeing her with others just kinda momentarily amplified it. After about 2 more hangouts since this "boiling point" period, I had enough and I messaged her to meet me just off a whim of mine. We met almost right after the hangout concluded and I painfully forced myself to get the message out.
    It worked out for me (!), but I don't know how long I could survive those burning feelings around her if she didn't feel the same.

    It's exactly the fact that I enjoy being around the person I like so much that I would feel I need to stop doing so if we couldn't advance any further. The same affections I have for her flip into pain in my heart once I think about how I can't be together with her. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone, nor that you can't be friends with them, but it would've just turned into suffering for me. Ever seen The Office? It's like Jim/Pam, Michael/Holly. You have to take action or you just can't stand it. In the video you painted the picture of being alone with them, but being alone with people you like who have already rejected you seems like a pretty unfriendly situation to me.

    Tldr; Watch "The Office"

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