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Welcome back to Ferris Sports Update time
to talk Bulldog hockey with us head coach Bob Daniels, coach welcome to the
show for the first time this year. Good to be back on Rob thank you. Certainly the
month of October here and that means hockey season is here had your crimson and
gold inter-squad game this past weekend and and obviously a big series come up
this weekend to start the regular season against Western Michigan. Yeah it was
really interesting with the crimson gold game it always is and that and the fact
that you know we get the video after the game and I go to break it down and and
so for everything you like on one side you’re like okay but what was the
breakdown on the other side and so it’s interesting but we’re at the point we
need to play somebody in you know you can face each other only so much and now
it’s time for a game so we’re looking forward you can see you know starting
this week there’s a little bit more of us into urgency knowing that Western
Michigan a very good Western Michigan teams on the horizon. As you go to some of the
highlights from this past Saturday’s inter-squad game a chance for you guys
to get on the ice they’ve been on the ice but taking on
each other here and always nice to see them in a game like situation. It really
is and it you know we’re really we’re grappling trying to get the right line
right deep pairings together we’ve got a lot of good freshmen that that are vying
for ice time and getting some key roles so you know this really gave us a good
opportunity this is not just a feel-good kind of game they’re competing and
they know it they’re battling for positions it was fairly physical for an
inter-squad game but you know that just speaks to you know how close the
competition is for ice time you see Taylor Fernandez score a nice goal on a
face-off play from the standpoint of white on that goal great play by them
Crimson had blown coverage got a kind of defensive end of things so it was good to
break the film down and then show the guys this morning before we were on the
ice for practice the good and the bad. Gotta be nice I have a highly
competitive game decided by a goal went to shoot out here at the end. Yeah it was
highly competitive and you know we had a couple players out there that you know
won’t be in the lineup one is Oscar Andren and he transferred from BU so he’s
gonna have to sit the year out he looked really good and you can Corey Mackin
and had surgery earlier in the year and he was wearing gold he’ll be good for
the weekend he’s good to play but we wanted to make sure he wasn’t hit quite
yet. Taylor Fernando’s the eventual shootout
winner right there with the goal as it ends in a four to three decision. Yeah four-three you know was with the shootout we didn’t want to go to three on three we
just wanted to play the five on five hockey out and then go to a shootout at
the end and it’s important to watch that and and observe what the guys are doing
in the shootout because in our regular season now if we go into overtime it’ll
be five minutes of five on five then five minutes of three and three and then
if it’s still tied we go to a shootout in our conference play that we’re
shooting for the extra point so it’s important so we watch that carefully
even in an inter-squad game we want to see who can handle the situation and who
looks like they’re pretty much a natural on on shootouts. You start off the
regular season this weekend against Western Michigan home and home series
Friday night in Kalamazoo and obviously the home opener on Saturday here in Big
Rapids talk about the Broncos and what you’ve what you expect out of this
weekend. Well one thing I this is a year two or three that we’ve started the year
off with Western Michigan and I like that a lot you know wasn’t too long ago
we were battling it out with them and CCHA and now that we’ve split off into
some different conference alignments it’s great to play them start the year
it’s highly competitive there’s a great rivalry that’s still intact to this day
you know the fact that throwing an hour and a half hour and 40 minutes down the
road leads to that rivalry they’ve got a lot of kids from Michigan we do as well
so it’ll be a really hard fought they’re well coached Andy Murray does his staff
does a terrific job with their team and I think this is gonna prepare us well
for the following week and I believe we take on Northern Michigan so we start
conference play so this is ideal situation I think it’s an ideal
situation for them as well they’re gonna play a highly competitive and and tough
Ferris State team. I was gonna mention that getting ready to start conference play
next week and how this would prepare you but certainly a challenging WCHA slate
ahead with some teams that certainly had some good years last year coming back.
That’s right and even to talk about this series it’s
gonna give us a chance by starting non-conference we play a Friday and
Saturday night Saturday night at home and we’re gonna get some different guys
in the lineup it gives us a little flexibility to try some things out and
then we a you’re right we have very difficult WCHA you’re looking and
there’s some really good teams again Michigan Tech, Bowling Green, Bemidji,
Minnesota State, ourselves they’re kind of the odds on favorites the top five
teams but boy that next group they’re ready to make a move Lake State’s much
improved Huntsville’s much improved you know so it’s going to be highly
competitive and and really it’s these first it takes about ten games for me to
really figure out where we’re at I mean that it’s a 36 game regular season
schedule and takes about ten games in to see the good in the bad and move some
parts around. What do you see some of the strengths coming in obviously as some
young guys they get a lot of experience for you last year coming back. Yeah
that’s right well last year we were breaking in four freshman defenseman and
then two sophomore defenseman that hardly had played the previous year it’s
a lot of our eight defenseman we had six with real no game experience and that
showed early on we started off the season 0-7-1 I didn’t think
we were gonna start out quite that bad but we knew we’re gonna have growing
pains but you turn around and you look at our finish for the regular season and
we were 5-1-1 so those freshman defenseman and the two sophomores that
hadn’t played much the previous year boy they had gained a lot of experience and
they’re pretty darn good now we also had a defenseman sent out last year and by
the name Zach Yoder he transferred from the Air Force Academy he’s a good
defenseman so right now we have five sophomore defenseman that really are
basically like having five juniors you’ve seen that much ice time so we
should be in good position on D and net you know Justin Kapelmaster and Darren
Smith continued to compete last year as a freshman Kapelmaster had a tremendous
year the year before as a freshman Darren Smith had a tremendous year so we’re
looking forward to a spirited competition in goal. Certainly you have
some youngsters that will see their first regular season action this weekend
a talk about the freshman class and what they have to do to adjust to the college
game. Well we’ve got some pretty nice eyes forwards in that freshman
class Marshall Moise looks really good Coale Norris looks good
you know we’ve got Liam MacDougall and and Lucas Finner and that’s a pretty good
class and I think well maybe they’re not quite ready to lead the way and be prime
time they’re pretty darn good and you you look at the returners we’ve got
Corey Mackin who you know he’s gonna be he’s gonna get some attention for the
all WCHA team Craig Pefley’s got a year under his belt
Mitch Maloney looks really good right now so you know when we get all
the all the players healthy and in the right spot so I think we’re gonna have a
pretty good club. Coach best of luck to the Bulldogs this
week you know Friday nights down in Kalamazoo and obviously Saturday the
home opener looking forward to it here in Big Rapids. Thank you Rob. We’ll be back
with more favorite sports update right after this.

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