(intro song) So we decided to come take a trip down to Disneyworld It’s always been my dream to come have a fun vacation here and we noticed there a golf course here at our hotel They’re having a special promotion. They gave us 50% off I didn’t really understand–
I don’t get why they’re just giving it away They said “Hey you wanna go golfing?
It’s 50% off right now” I was like “Psshh sick dude. I don’t know why you’re giving away promotions like that.” 50% off!!! Why!? Why would they give us 50% off to go golfing right now? Hila:
Oh my god! It’s a–It’s just such a great deal so Let’s go see what golfing is all about I’ve always wanted to give it a try Definitely the place I wanna be during a thunderstorm is on a flat grassy plain but they gave us 50% off and who am I to pass on that offer? So let’s go see some—-Ohh shitt! (thunder crashes) Okay let’s go see—It’s gonna be a lot of fun guys (music) (thunder crashes) There is no way. I’m gonna get struck by lightning, dude Oh God. (LOUD thunder crashes) (Hila laughing) This is gonna be a great round of golf. Hila:
Can we get a refund? This is gonna be a great— Hila:
Can we get a refund still? (thunder crashing) 50% off Hila. No refunds. Are you sure–maybe we– I don’t know if 50% was enough dude. (Hila laughing) I think we need 75% off to play this round. Ethan and Hila:
Oh my God!! Ethan:
Did you get that? That was insane (thunder rolling then crashing) (Hila laughing) Hila:
I don’t know about this! My enthusiam for golf is waning with every lightning bolt. This summer look actually doubles perfectly as a golf attire so we didn’t even to buy golf clothes We were just ready to go with it. So I’m like–I’m stoked, dude. These guys are crazy, dude. We just paid them like 200 bucks and they’re like Hila:
Here you go! I’m gonna fuckin take off back to New York in this thing, dude. Does it just work? Oh my god, dude. They fucked up so bad giving this to me Oh my god, dude. I can’t believe they gave this to us. I seen some people laughing at us but I think we look like legit golfers. Oh shit, I gotta close it all the way! Clo–Hil–Respect the game! Respect the game Hila. Close your collar, dude. I swear everyone that was looking at us, was like laughing at us so far. I don’t–frankly I don’t get it. We’re dressed just like they are. You put on a collared shirt thats why they have a dress code I don’t know this is like a really serious game, you know? Ethan:
We spent $200 for this. We’re not gonna make it passed the first hole. (hit) Ethan:
Alright so. Here. Ethan:
Lets grab–Lets go in the golf cart. Ethan:
Let’s go ahead and proceed to our balls. Let me load up the cart and I’ll meet you at the balls, alright? I just wanna bring all this stuff. So I’ll meet you over at the balls. (birds chirping) (Hila laughs) (birds chirping) What he doesn’t understand is that golf is like (woosh) (Hila laughs) Hila:
Lets get the cart. Yeah let’s pull up in the cart. Hila:
Too much walk. Honestly, I just wanna drive the cart I don’t know why we have to fuck around with the clubs and the balls and all that shit Okay. Where’s your ball? (tires screech) (Hila gasps) Hila:
Oh my god, don’t do that. I just wanted— (HIla laughs) I just wanted to test the brakes. Hila:
You freaked me out. I don’t know if I’m gonna see some gators or some shit (Hila laughs) Hila:
Okay there it is. (woosh) (Ethan laughs) Ethan:
See you’re focusing too much on the ball Ethan:
You’re not focusing on the life lessons that golf has to offer Ethan:
The spiritual enrichment Hila Ethan:
Now this time close your eyes Ethan:
Blindfolded. Ethan:
Like fuckin Karate Kid, dude. (hit) Ethan:
That’s a chip. Ethan:
That’s a chip! HIla:
There it is. (tires screech) Hila:
Stop!! (Ethan laughs) HIla:
Don’t do that. HIla:
They’ll kick us out. (Hila laughs) (upbeat music) (cough) (upbeat music) (hack) Do you think we can– We signed up for 9 holes Do you think we can get like 80% back? Cause we only played 1. That’s how it works, right? At this rate we’ll finish by about next weekend. Give us 7 days, we’ll be done by then. Hold on Hila! Hold on, we’re coming into a sharp turn. Hila:
I heard something. It wasn’t a gator. It was a rabbit. Don’t panic. Hila:
I wanted it to be a gator Why do you wanna see a gator? What’s wrong with you? I’m gonna like fuckin book it. Thiswhathappens– This is what happens if we see a gator (Hila laughs) That’s me flooring it right now. (tap) (tap) (tap) (upbeat music) Yes! Dude! The guy at the golf pro shop taught me that shot. It gives you ultimate control and perfect balance. You’ll never miss. Look at this control. You’ll never miss. 10 out of 10 times you will hit the ball. This is what I do to my fuckin enemies dude. If you’re my enemy, this is what happens to you. This is what happens to my enemies. OOWWWW!!! This is what happens to my enemies. You see what happens, dude! That’s what happens if you’re my enemy. Dude, this is like the thugest life thing I’ve ever done in my life seriously though. (muffled)
I love… cigars cause you can taste the cancer. Do you know what I mean? (puff puff puff) Dude, who would ever call me a–say I’m not a classy guy Who’d ever say that to me? Golfing. Smoking cigars. I definitely belong here. I definitely belong with these people. Mmmm. Mhmmm. Mhm. Let’s ride, baby. Hila:
Riiiii— Step on it, baby! (gangsta rap beat) (hacking cough) Ethan:
Dude look at Hila all thugged out right now though. Ethan:
You wanna go on the grass? Noooo Ethan:
Go on the grass. Ethan:
Hila. Do you not give—do you care? Ethan:
Are you giving a fuck right now? Ethan:
Cause last I heard, we’re not supposed to give a fuck. Ethan:
Try to tip it. Pfffttttt what?! You’re crazy! Ethan:
We’re trying to make a video here, dude. Ethan:
This one’s dull, we need to step it up. Ethan:
Tip the cart, Hila! Uuummmm What was the Roman Atwood prank with his kid? Ethan:
When he blasted his kid off and blew him up? Blowing up my wife prank! (Ethan sinister laugh) Ethan:
Rolling my wife in a go cart prank. Ethan:
Gone fatal. Hundred million views. Ethan:
You guys. POV Ethan. (Ethan coughs) Ethan:
Man, I hope you guys like this video because Ethan:
we have a lot of losses to recoup. This video cost us like 200 dollars to make so we have a lot of losses to recoup here. I know this is a dull one. I know it didn’t turn out funny or good so please if you guys wanna support the Naysh show this to all your friends and friends who were just shared this, show this to all your friends, okay? If we can get this to 1 million views we’ll be able to recoup our costs so please help H3 not go bankrupt by sharing this video. Thank you, guys. It’s not about entertainment, It’s about keeping us afloat. If you would value the content we make please share this video. Thank you. No skipping! Ethan:
No skipping, guys. Ethan:
Remember, there are surprises throughout this video. Ethan:
Huge surprise at the end! Must watch til the end! Ethan:
You must watch the whole video. Ethan:
This is beautiful though (tires screech) Woooo Ethan:
Oh my god you just skidded– Ethan:
You–you were— I didn’t do that. Ethan:
Hila, you were talking shit the whole time Ethan:
and here you are skipping—You’re done, dude. Ethan:
I’m driving. (speed increases) Ethan:
See ya! (tires screech) (Ethan sinister laugh) (gangsta rap beat) So Hila, what do you think. Hole 3? Fuck hole 3, dog! Oh shit! I don’t get cigars. I don’t even like it but I’ll keep smoking it that’s what I say to my body. I’m not even enjoying it at all but There’s something about it—just (cough) (cough) (cough) (tires screech) (Hila laughs) Something about it just feels right. (cough) (hacking cough) Guys, please watch this video til the end. We spent 200 dollars on this. Don’t skip cause there’s surprises throughout and a HUGE surprise at the end that you wont believe. Ethan:
Oohh, we’re gonna tear this up, dude. (splash) Ethan and Hila:
Woooooo Yeeeahhhhhh Dude, that was sick. Hila:
Extreme Golfing. Oh shit. Water shot, Hila. Capture this moment. Let me back up. Oohh Pushed the wrong pedal. (v a p o r w a v e) (Hila laughs) Hila:
Come on! Come on, Hila. We got golf to play, dude. It’s getting dark. Not much time left. (helicopter passes loudly overhead) Hila:
Is this a prank channel? Yeah. H3 Pranks. This has been a long time coming. We’ve been talking about making this prank channel for a long time. Finally getting to it. But seriously. If you guys ever make it out to the golf course, definitely the cart is the highlight for me personally. Where is it taking us? I just wanna see the—I need the birds eye view here. Not that one. We’re lost. We’re officially lost. Ethan:
Full speed, dude!! Hila:
Woooo! Ethan:
Hold on! Ethan:
Hold on guys we’re reaching max speed here. Ethan:
Everybody hold on! Ethan:
Fuck the police, dude! Ethan:
We’re on the green. AAhh-hhaaaa Ethan:
That was fucking epic, dude. Ethan:
That was so rebellious. Oh nice shot. That guy knows how to golf. That was a good swing. How you guys doin? Appreciate ya. Have a good game out there, guys. Have a great game! We belong here. We def–ohh Hahah, oh god. We definitely belong here, guys. Have a great game everybody. Hell fuckin yeah We definitely belong here. (Hila laughs) We’re golfers, dude. Through and through, baby. Swing a right here. Ethan:
Back on track. Ethan:
Cross the bridge, dude. Ethan:
No wayyyyy Ethan:
Use caution on bridges. Hila:
Extreme Golfing. Ethan:
Use caution? Yeah right, dude! (both laugh) I’d like to tip this fuckin cart over the bridge That would make this video great. Guys. Please watch to the end because at the end we’re gonna tip the golf cort–we’re gonna tip the cart into the pool but don’t skip ahead cause there’s a ton of surprises throughout the whole video. (splash) HIla:
Woo-hooo! Ethan:
Yeeeahhhh, dude That was fuckin epic. Can we get that in slo-mo? (music) Another puddle alert! Get this shit in slo-mo, dude. We’re gonna tear this up. Hila:
Extreme! (splash) Ethan:
Alright you ready for some pranking? Hila:
No. Ethan:
You ready for some fuckin pranking, dude? Hila:
Nooo!! Ethan:
Dude, this is some straight up prankour. Hila:
Prankour? Ethan:
This is Prankour, dude. Hila:
Oh shit, puddle. Ethan:
This is extreme as fuck, dude. Ethan:
Got em! Hila:
Aahhhhhhh They so don’t approve of the way we’re playing golf. Everyone here is so angry that we’re here right now. Okay. We’re about to pass up some other golfers so I’m gonna put the cigar in my mouth. I’m gonna put on my hat straight. Am I buttoned up all the way? Let’s look presentable for these golfers Hila. I don’t wanna embarass them. (music) Oh shit. (tires screech) Should we get another– Here I’m gonna get a shot of you hitting it. Ethan:
This is the best round of golf ever! Yeah I like the game. Ethan:
Now this is how you play golf. (v a p o r w a v e) Ethan:
Come on, dude. That’s fucked up. Ethan:
Dude, I’m not gonna play this game. Ethan:
Are you gonna let me on? You just got prank’d. Ethan:
Stop, dude. Okay it’s not funny anymore. What?! It’s just a prank. Ethan:
Fuck, dude. What the hell. Ethan:
Hila, come on! (reverse beep gets louder) Ethan:
Thank— Ethan:
Come on. All the way back, dude. Ethan:
I don’t wanna walk another step. Ethan:
Come on. Ethan:
Finally, dude. A little respect. It’s a shame they don’t have AC. Ethan:
Where’s the AC in the fuckin cart at, dude? Ethan:
I thought this was supposed to be a nice hotel. Ethan:
No AC? Are you serious? I will give it a 3 star out of 5 for that. Ethan:
Actually go left. Go left. Ethan:
Definitely go left. Ethan:
Definitely left. I’m 100% sure it’s left. (Hila laughs) Ethan:
I’m serious. Go left. Hila:
Okay. Ethan:
I’m soo certain that it’s left. Ethan:
Just trust me. (Hila laughs) (Hila laughs) Hila:
Pranks.com! Ethan:
You just got prank’d!!! So we’re done. How does it feel to complete your first game of golf? Hila:
I like it! Golf is a lot of fun! I wasn’t sure if I was gonna like but it turns out it’s a really fun sport. Definiltely recommend golf to all you guys out there It’s a little expensive but hey, it’s a whole day out here on the greens You meet some cool people You see some beautiful sites. You get out. You know, you walk around. You spread your legs. It’s a lot of fun. (music) Michelle Obama:
Wow. Ethan. Great moves. Keep it up. Proud of you. (outro)

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