100 thoughts on “Extreme Football Tennis! | Walters & Shieff (ep. 1)

  1. Often we hear anti-whites use the term "minorities" used to refer to Africans, Indians, ect

    But In 1900 my people, white people, comprised 33% of world population, today we are at 9% and dropping like a rock. Not only are we a minority in the world but because of immigration & assimilation in EVERY white country and ONLY white countries our children are poised to be minorities IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES within a few decades.

    This is genocide. This is evil and this must stop!

    Northwest Front.org

  2. Does anyone have any idea what the song that starts at 2:58 is called? If anyone knows could you please tell me? 😛

  3. Damien you make These things so better you Show that you Cant Jump etc. Anywhere its so much more my Dream is to meet you once in my life

  4. Your video always awsome 🙂
    that equipment so good to train and also have fun to bad in my city there is no anything like that or even in my all Country 🙁

  5. what i find the most impressive is how good they've gotten to avoid as much pain/injury as possible when they mess up or when they just jump.

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