Exploring Cuba’s Skate Culture with Ishod Wair, Andrew Reynolds and Lucien Clarke (Part 1)

Exploring Cuba’s Skate Culture with Ishod Wair, Andrew Reynolds and Lucien Clarke (Part 1)

the closest thing I’ve ever came to knowing anything about Cuba is just being down in Miami growing up I guys stayed down there a lot kind of feels something like this what’s amazing to be a man like should I come on home or it’s like somehow the weird way like I’ve already been here but happened mrs. photo gold everywhere here so rad I like the old cars some of them are like really clean but maybe there’s weird engine in it who knows let me see that engine that’s stock and they’re just like actually its lawn mower made when impossible Dalaran me quad Robo amigo que puede me bamboo yo y SI SE brass tiga vivo Y way not a co way 7 da ba ba de la rahega todo lo ha wente Boris how do you know nigga Tom callin ya teens say new homeo and pass on for love video world yo you are here at a buco away look paddler and so honest and yo not super violence but good I teach my second mom holy crap from a gay you know what I wear stuff to me ah hold on laughs Asuna yeah if you wonder why dad went Empress a Medina Kartik a save auntie o es para para oppressive EOC whoa Suribachi Amidala Tom Oh tres meses important on Nadia’s intermittent a no okay – sod cuando se parte ah da da no tiene que para a suppor un Baron de haba de Nando say idea no patent ah Oh Nina Nina sue Baron Pocoyo Barbera ginkgos attack on toda la oreja de LAN dou y okay no Mon take a day say no say Oh Bettina see yo batino también y hacen una vista me Guido favor adora been que tiene de en el rey no es como fue bolita opava ESO MSE Cristiano Ronaldo y en el Divo you oh that dog looks like Falkor in the neverending story that hurt la bottega say muchas Vitaly to a buttom you say oh my you’re in a coma love you it’s tough because there still aren’t any domestic means or access to the resources people who might not understand skateboarding boards brake shoes get holes in them equipment breaks all the time dan you’re not a miner only we started spreading awareness about the situation in Cuba that there aren’t skate shops there’s some kids that had newer boards but a lot of kids they had skateboards that didn’t have a tail didn’t have a nose that were put back together with a piece of metal a piece of plywood yeah okay and financial star level about TM today but a lot of my Abajo here go to the skate be a holy company and pass a little nobody dies we fish in the model Odyssey okay but then I have familial oh I saw no significant to fire a great it’s like they take use of every part of living space roof Karratha street whatever everywhere it’s common to have a restaurant like some work eating at someone’s house right now yeah very Cuban thing but there isn’t enough food yeah so we got four chicken and rice and beans very video well sure oh I think that you ran from there and took a step you can get old parkour guys do the whole time they jump on that pole right there and like I really wrap around it look I think these guys got some better spots but I mean you guys really want to go for it positi miles attackee no Fontenay motiva vecino no sólo tenemos venti Dre hey Yasu era como que me give o tienda para antenna Essequibo a Jager saved where oh yes hola Mantinea mo di Bao an gente que quería enter ah he’s a super our own para entrar a NSA give ok some are sibelius Lee they’re here for the other hand boy yes we love our intern a more normal something oh when I sit up on the high leg what’s a hot seat but I said I think they will challenge any tennis or so side of our a neat idea boy that’s all of us Emily I’m Ross a day god damn good I’m someone happy Harlem yeah already in Cuba they say say I see a Moscow man oh so you make more with less you see the old Cuban cars that run with tractor engine you make do with what you have and that’s innovation yo you got like a little metal bug pocket on your hand dude yellow blood pocket that’s fire right there this spot is so good man oh I can think of like 20 different lines to do here payday right now dying though a shot successful for me he goes full circle like he grew up looking up to me and now like I’m looking up to him just a regular session it just happened to be interests on play but that’s pretty much how it goes you like what plays Kate yes I won I knew he was gonna win but just getting him today was like an accomplishment in itself you know I was like wow you

39 thoughts on “Exploring Cuba’s Skate Culture with Ishod Wair, Andrew Reynolds and Lucien Clarke (Part 1)

  1. I lived in cuba for a few years! Those were the best years of my life! I can't wait to go back! I'm so happy that things are beginning to change for the better there because the people deserve better. Such loving and humble people! Awesome video! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hell yeah. This is what it's all about. The struggle is real. Skateboarding brings people together like almost nothing else.

  3. dude ! you guys are amazing. Just seeing this video alone gives me hope for my little Bahama islands and struggling community of skaters here. What you guys and others like you are doing is a saving grace for some of us. God bless, and continue to spread the love and bringing people together through skate.

  4. lmao @ 8:00

    Ishod: You got a little bud pocket on your head
    Lucien: Whuuuh?? (what?? Bud?? whats bud?? is he talking about boof?? in London we only got boof)
    Ishod: That's fire right there.

  5. My dad is from Cuba and I love going there I just got into skateboarding and was curious about how it was there great video

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