Everybody’s Golf – New Courses, New Characters, New Name | E3 2017

Everybody’s Golf – New Courses, New Characters, New Name | E3 2017

that Hot Shots 3 is now Everybody’s Golf. That was born in PS1 days
but still alive and kicking throughout the life
of PlayStation. Every single title in the
franchise is meticulously created by the same creator with
the same vision and with new technology and new features. So the Everybody’s Golf, the new
name is actually the literal translation of Minna no Golf, that in Japanese means
“Everybody’s Golf.” So that I think is very, very
important for the fans of the franchise to be able to enjoy
the same consistent view to it with every time some updated new
features includes new tech.

15 thoughts on “Everybody’s Golf – New Courses, New Characters, New Name | E3 2017

  1. Porque son todos tan malos con este juego ?
    he visto muchos comentarios menospreciandolo en cada video que encuentro de el
    la comunidad de sony es horrible
    hay poca gente a la que le interesen de verdad " JUEGOS"
    si fuera un simulador (que sale uno tambien,)tipo fifa pero golf no lo mirarian mal.
    pero como no implica un realismo o portento grafico lo menosprecian…
    aunque sea de Studio japan, la cosa mas sony que existe
    Lo mas terrible es que incluso SONY menosprecie a sus propios fabricantes

  2. I've never played anything in this series before but just preordered it. Excited listening to almost everyone who's played the series sing its praises!

  3. Yeah, the problem with the character creation is that all the characters look freakin' BLAAAANDDDD! Bring back the brilliantly animated characters from the previous Vita / PS3 title, or at least give us something like that as an option.

  4. If you do not want this game or are not interested in it, fine. But please do not drag others' hopes down with you. Do not be negative. Do not get the game. Simple as that. It will be fun without you, and I know many people will enjoy this experience, like myself, and others that have memories of this series.

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