Dunkin’ Duncan’s win, JT’s hot take & Ogilvy’s playoff ace

Dunkin’ Duncan’s win, JT’s hot take & Ogilvy’s playoff ace

Tyler Duncan’s week was a slam dunk! ANNOUNCE: This second shot at the 8th. How about that! Taking down Webb Simpson in a playoff, Duncan
can now call himself a PGA TOUR winner. Good thing that kid got the new champ’s
autograph on a banana on Saturday. That banana might not last, but Duncan’s
wife Maria knows where they can go get some fresh ones. MARIA: “Now we can change our Hawaii flight!” Can I join the Duncans in Kapalua? They’ll now be at the Sentry Tournament
of Champions with Brendon Todd. Surprisingly, no win for Todd this week, though. The streak officially came to an end. Staring down a historic third-straight victory,
Todd had a 54-hole, two-stroke lead. But on Sunday it took him until the 15th hole
to get his first birdie. That’s relatable, but I can’t deal with
the fact that this kid is better than me. Look at Isaac’s trick shot gone viral! And that swagger! Geoff Ogilvy went viral this weekend too,
when he dunked an ace at Goat Hill Park’s annual charity Wishbone Brawl in a playoff! Also clutch, could you imagine hitting this
shot, off the cart path, to make the cut like Patton Kizzire did?! Mine would’ve looked more like Will Gibson’s. Russell Knox upstaged us all with the old
backward escape, that led to a killer par save! ANNOUNCE: Oh, come on, come on Russell. Come on! Their you go, you finally make one. As the Mayflower was pulling into Sea Island
this weekend, Justin Thomas was dishing out hot takes on Twitter. He claims Thanksgiving dinner is overrated,
quote, “if it was that good, we would eat it all the time.” Maybe or maybe because we only eat it once
a year, the rarity makes it good? But that’s why we have social media, to
settle these great debates. So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and we hope
that all of you celebrating Thanksgiving enjoy your holiday this week. I’ll see you the following week in The Takeaway
for the Hero World Challenge.

5 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Duncan’s win, JT’s hot take & Ogilvy’s playoff ace

  1. If you ate Thanksgiving “Linner” everyday it would not be special. In addition, the calorie count would destroy you…

  2. Thats a silly statement from Justin its like saying christmas dinner is over rated if it was great why dont have it all time duh because christmas is once a year

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