Cleveland HiBore XLi Irons | Golf Club Review

we’re here at old horn today looking at the Cleveland high bore XLI irons now these irons are designed for players who hate hitting irons they’re extremely forgiving and easy to hit they’re the only iron set from Cleveland that are all hollow throughout the face they’re shaped like hybrids so you get a brilliant hit throughout the set and the long irons the sole of these urns is very thick it promotes a very shallow angle of attack as you go up to the set to the short irons the sole gets thinner but they still have the features of being a hollow club that really gets grated into the ball there’s a progressive offset as well on the long irons there’s a lot of offset that gives you loads of time to square the club up at impact to get a straight edge there’s a little bit less offset on the scoring clubs eight nine and pitching wedge so if you’re somebody who doesn’t hit his or her iron as well and you really want the most forgiving Club out there and don’t look past the Cleveland high bore XLI set of irons on golfbidder

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