what does that everyone welcome back to
the channel it is the middle December oh oh we’re doing a little bit of a
carnival games but Christmas edition well Jenna bandy Caleb Nash Feemster
first we’re gonna throw footballs into wreaths then we’ll be shooting ornaments
with bow and arrows and then we’ll be smashing Santa mugs with baseballs most
points wins here we go alright so we have three wreaths hanging there once
you make it through the first one you move onto the second one and then the
third one first person to finish gets first place and is awarded three points
second place you’ll get the idea I’m gonna go first cuz my channel here we go
that went through don’t you ever get it from a record for this funny and now
everyone’s doing it I’m still making fun of Oh Mrs Brady I promise you flipped
over and you did not go through there cheating me man oh you’re coming all the
time Kayla’s cheating they cheat me
constantly because they don’t want me to win actually go out in public like this
and Josh really doesn’t like being seen with me where did we go the other day I
was wearing these to the store yeah we were at the groceries a grocery store hey watched a step back huh I’m gonna
say it didn’t but I think Oh Oh after round 1 Jenna has three
points caleb has two points I have one point
here’s next round okay round two we’re shooting bow and arrow at the ornaments
on the line if you hit an ornament it’s worth one if somehow we’re not really
sure what’s gonna happen if you knock it off the line or it breaks in any way
it’s worth two points everyone gets ten shots most points wins
first second third place like that should have made that worth Wow we’ll try to okay so after round two I
have four points total Wow going into the third round you guys
we don’t make this stuff up we don’t skip this all right okay final round we
were gonna do first second third again but since it’s all tied up it’s just
each Santa is worth one point will alternate throws over it’s the most wins
you guys we think you are I just killed the four buds okay stay behind this line
I’m going I’m going in the front the front Santa in case you guys are
wondering oh I heard something here you say I’m gonna go for Santa’s whoa
well of course there are Santa mugs I think I’m gonna go for one point that’s
now you’re going for it but I said I’m going for Santa okay hey oh that would have been cool first
in a front row of the sleigh he should have to call you’re saying yeah we
shouldn’t allow no way how that was so that’s like
baking a shot don’t matter you fuck it’s a bucket that was like on baking a shot
and on a different whoo just like the other time remember during
the carnival checkup I kept knocking them over and they were not breaking and
you know what he did he picked up the plate and threw it in Smith
do not pick up and throw in dough I put the missile and mistletoe she puts the
miss in mistletoe Wow okay so I can’t win but I could I could mess them up I’m
not gonna play any favorites because I just want it hit of Santa Baby okay so
if jenna gets this last one date I yeah if you get it you win uh-huh if I get it
you win okay oh I’m gonna glue that it to obliterate okay don’t come on I just want to hit
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merch juggling see ya fight


  1. Someone who likes/comments early like hung phan did on the last video wins juggling balls from! Make sure you’re subscribed and you click that bell so you can always be part of the early squad! Love you guys!

  2. What about a call your shot Bank? It’s a game of bank but before you shoot you have to call what shot your taking for points. Doesn’t count unless it’s the shot you called for.

  3. Caleb and Jenna is a classic battle…I wonder who would win in a 3 point contest between the two (similar to an NBA 3-point shootout)…I would say Vegas lines would post Jenna as a slight favorite (sorry Caleb but prove me wrong)..would love to see that battle…

  4. Who do you think would win the longest juggling duration, Caleb or Jenna? Or maybe the whole fam? That would be an interesting video.

  5. I’m thinking it’s been a few vids since Caleb’s gotten hurt 🤷🏻‍♀️ Bound to happen again 🤣 Tough ending but I was hoping for that hit too 🎅🏻👍🏻

  6. like subscribed and turned on post notifications. You inspire me so much josh. I know how to juggle because you inspired me.

  7. Bro that made in the first time caleb did it, caleb has been my favorite person honestly and I hope caleb wins hes my MAN 😎😎😎👌👌👌

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